California Roll Recipe


A California roll or California maki is a makizushi sushi roll that is usually rolled inside-out, and containing cucumber, crab stick, and avocado. Often the outer layer of rice in an inside-out roll (uramaki) is sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds, tobiko (flying fish roe) or masago (capelin roe).

As one of the most popular styles of sushi, the California roll has been influential in sushi’s global popularity, and in inspiring sushi chefs around the world to create non-traditional fusion cuisine.

At the Indoindians sushi workshop, participants learned to make both veg and non-veg california rolls.



500gr                       Sushi Rice Basic

2pcs                          Nori Sushi

100gr                       Basic Mayonnaise

2pcs                          Kani Stick

100gr                       Kyuri

300gr                       Avocado

10gr                          Tobiko


  1. Need some rice, rice vinegar, salt, sugar, nori (seaweed), cucumbers and avocado. Then cut the cucumbers, avocado to make long stick shape or any ingredients wish to add into the rolls.
  2. Make sushi rice. First, cook some rice. Then cool them down a little. Put some rice vinegar, salt and sugar in the rice while the rice is warm. Otherwise they won’t be mixed well.
  3. Put rice on the nori. Put nori on the flat place and spread rice flat on the nori. Make it thin to roll over easily.
  4. Put other stuffs on the rice. Put vegetables and fish on the center of the rice in horizontal line. Put mayonnaise on the vegetables.
  5. Roll the sushi. Roll the sushi carefully not to break the whole roll. You should roll over from the bottom edge to the up. When finish, put the bottom edge together with the top edge to stick each other.
  6. Cut it in slice. Any size you want. As it is a finger food, you can cut it your mouth size.
  7. Sushi roll done… and serve with condiments – wasabi paste, soya sauce, pickled ginger.

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