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Yadavas Senayan CC & Emerio CC Lead the JCA League Table at Half-way Stage

Yadavas Senayan CC & Emerio CC Lead the JCA League Table...

This weekend, the last before a break, saw bowlers dominate the proceedings as there were two 5 wicket hauls & the season’s 3rd hat-trick. Yadavas...
Mandala Art Therapy Indoindians Event

#EventReport: Mandala Art Therapy with Swati Nathani

Mandala art therapy is a form of artistic process using geometric patterns in an effort to find or restore a sense of healthy mental...

Leveraging Technology to Connect Indians in Indonesia

Indians are not strangers in Indonesia. They have been drawn to Indonesia, – a name derived from the Latin Indus, meaning “India”, and the...
Indians in RI: A touch of magic: Yoga Day in Jakarta

Indians in RI: A touch of magic

It must be a touch of magic that has drawn Indians to Indonesia for two millennia. Indians have historically made the journey to Indonesia...
Duranta Asha - a Poem by Rabindranath Tagore


8. Poem No: 10 of the book Prantik (At The Border) written on 8 December 1937 [Translator's note: Following quote from the Poet's book Santiniketan...
magic festive food

14 Magic Power Foods for the Gala Festive Season

The couple of weeks ahead will probably be a heavy mix of food, drinks, office parties, gala Christmas and New Year festivities. It’s a...
Conscious of what you communicate

HAPPINESS TIP: Be Conscious of what you communicate

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Make the Divine Your Valentine

Make the Divine Your Valentine, says Sri Sri Ravishankar

By: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar This Valentine’s Day, make the Divine your valentine. See the Divine in your valentine and make the divinity your valentine....