By Mehru jaffer If life is all about making choices then I was exposed to them very early in life. As far back as memory...
Rabindra Nath Tagore penned National Anthems

Rabindranath Tagore: Scripting National Anthem for Countries

The pat answer will come- Why! two; India and Bangladesh -  India's Jana Gana Mono Adhinayaka… (= O lord of the populace) & Bangladesh's...
The Big Durian, either you love it or you hate it

The Big Durian: You either Love it or Hate it!

Jakarta is a city that is perhaps best savored in retrospect, allowing time to temper its images and experience. Like the Durian, Jakarta is...

All About Hari Nyepi in Bali

On the night of Nyepi, at the stroke of midnight, all of Bali will retreat into silence for 24 hours. On this day of...
Indoindians Diwali Bazaar

Diwali Bazaar: Special Products & Services by #IndiansInIndonesia

Here is a listing of local Diwali products and services in Jakarta, submitted to Indoindians. If you are a provider and want to have your...
Dos and Don’ts for Importing of Personal Effects, To and From Indonesia

Dos and Don’ts for Importing of Personal Effects, To and From...

Dos for Import – Documents required. Dos for Foreigners – Documents required: Original Passport Original KITAS (residency permit) with minimum validity full 12 months. Original...

Introduction to Mudras by Rutu Panjwani

Tasmaatsarvaprayatnena probhodhayitumeeshvareem. Brahmadvaaramukhe suptaam mudraabhyaasam saaacharet. Translation: Therefore, The goddess sleeping at the entrance of Brahma’s door should be constantly aroused with all the effort, by...

Samanya Kshati

36. Poem: Samanya Kshati (Trifle Loss) written in 1899. Blows the cold wind of winter Along the river crystal clear In the rural solitude a bit far From...

Life sketch of Rabindranath Thakur (Tagore)

Birth: 7 May 1861 Demise: 7 August 1941 Nobel Laureate : 1913 Born at Jorasanko in Calcutta in a Brahmo family, Rabindranath Thakur...

Health with Tulsi Leaf

By Abha Dave: Indians have long worshiped Tulsi as a sacred plant. In fact, for the thousands of years; Tulsi had grown for spiritual...