Celebrating Diwali at Kiddie Planet, Jakarta


Kiddie Planet had a wonderful Diwali celebration. The school felt different that day due to colorful Diwali decorations spread around the school, along with items of prayer. Children were able to learn various things on from Indian culture, tradition and the Hindu religion as a whole in this day.

First, many of the students from the achievers class started to show various performances. The dances vary from welcoming dances to celebratory dances. Many of the children were enjoying themselves during the show as theyย danced to the background music, full of joy and smiles.

Not only were the other children able to enjoy the performance by their friends, but they were also learning more about Diwali on this day. From legends, stories, holy items to prayers chanted, many of these things were taught at the same time of the celebration.

Achievement students performing a dance routine.

Other than that, the school also has a talent show where students are able to show solo performances to the audience. This was truly entertaining, as there are various performances from show & tell, reading poems to singing Indian songs. Through this performance, students would be able to watch their friends perform and also learn more about Diwali at the same time.

A Kiddie Planet student showing a puja thaali.
A Kiddie Planet Student reading a poem about Diwali.

Even after the entertaining performances, there was more in store. The first closing event is every student singing the Indian national anthem. The second closing event is a sing along, in which every student of Kiddie Planet sings and dances Diwali songs with their teachers.

After the show has ended and the children ushered into the class, achievers would pray together with their teacher. It was truly a special moment when the kids were accompanied by Mrs. Rachel to pray with a puja thali. Apart from learning various interesting facts about the special occasion, they were also able to experience this awesome celebration with their friends.

This Diwali occasion is also special for teachers in Kiddie Planet as some celebrate it on this day.

Finally, Indoindians was fortunate to interview some kids on what they think about celebrating Diwali.