Chicken Momo Recipe


Momos are chicken dumplings that originated from Tibet and Nepal. The fillings for these momos are quite simple and light. Momos can be steamed or deep fried and is served with spicy Tomato chutney, Chilli Garlic sauce, green chutney or special Tibetian Hot Sauce.

Chicken Filling Ingredients:

  • 600 gr Boneless, Skinless chicken leg
  • 8 gr Chicken powder
  • 19 gr Sugar
  • 2 gr White pepper
  • 8 gr salt
  • 20 ml sesame oil
  • 37 ml frying oil
  • 150 gr Potato starch
  • 37 ml water


  1. Add chicken diced into mixer and turn on low speed to be mixed only a little bit.
  2. Add seasoning into mixer then slowly to add water and cooking oil
  3. Add potato starch then turn the mixer to high speed to mix until the texture turns viscidity
  4. Remove from the mixer, storage in freezer

Momo Skin Ingredients:

  • 225 gr Hong kong flour
  • 75 gr Bread flour
  • 20 ml frying oil
  • 150ml hot water
  1. Directions:
  2. Mix salt and flour together
  3. Boil water, then mix into the flour until even
  4. cover dough with cling film and set aside to rest for 30 minutes

#Tip: Just buy the kulit pangsit from your nearest supermarket