Dedicated to Arkya and Ayan
Both being my grandson
And Roshan and Toton, my nephews,
Hence my grandsons’ MUs (Maternal Uncle)
Some growing among the Indonesia,
Some among the Marathis
So all are averse to Bengali and more,
To the literature of Rabindranath Tagore.
Of them Roshan the eldest
And so the wisest,
Is now poised for the States,
The land of Bill Gates.
“But Bara Jethu (**), (**Big Uncle)
Thus Roshan does argue;
“Who compares with Bill?
Only Bill my heart does fill.”
Ask I, “But Bill has a tilt, my dear Sir,
For Vivekananda, are you aware?”
“So what! Vivekananda is a different proposition
While the poets’ days are gone;” says Roshan,
“So also Bengali’s how then Rabindranath
Will throw any light on our path?”
To their astute senior listen Toton
Arkya and Ayan, with admiration.
Will Rabi now anglicized thus
Make them feel the Poet was no fuss,
Daunt my grandsons and their MUs?
That’s what to-day I muse.