#EventReport & Recipes: Cooking Shooking with Friends Part 3

Event Report and Recipes Cooking Shooking

Our popular Cooking Shooking with Friends online session, where 5 amazing home cooks share their tried-and-true recipes that are healthy and easy to make.ย A really international event with participants joining in from across the globe.

5 recipes by 5 different cooks below:

  1. Rekha Sharda – Meethe Chaval
  2. Geeta Taunk – Green Mango Chutney
  3. Pawani Bhalla: Lime n Lemon Eggless Cake
  4. Uttara Gadre – Marathi Chivda
  5. Minel Kamdar – Healthy Granola Bar

It was well moderated by Jyoti Chawla with a lot of questions and answers.