Indoindians Online Event 21st June – Harmony and Balance: Celebrating International Yoga Day

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Indoindians Online Event – Harmony and Balance: Celebrating International Yoga Day

Join us for a virtual celebration of International Yoga Day as we come together to embrace harmony and balance through the practice of yoga. This online event brings together experienced yoga teachers and enthusiastic practitioners  for an interactive and insightful session.

Enhance your yoga practice, gain valuable insights from experienced practitioners and experts, and foster a sense of unity and well-being within the global yoga community.

Join us as we come together virtually to celebrate International Yoga Day and embark on a journey of self-discovery, harmony, and balance.

When: Wednesday, 21st June | 2pm Jkt

Where: Online Zoom. Register here >>

Expert Panelists:

  1. Sonia Lakhiani, AOL Indonesia
  2. Suchita, Founder of Yoga Systems – Hatha Yoga School
  3. Niqqita, Yoga Trainer cum Wellness Coach
  4. Binay Sahoo, Founder of Sun Yoga Indonesia
  5. Simran, founder Sai Mahila Indonesia
  6. Geeta Seth, Nutritionist


  1. Jyoti Chawla
  2. Poonam Sagar