Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Living Green

If you are in Malang, come join Indoindians for coffee at Hotel Tugu on Saturday, 22nd April at 9.30am.
Earth Day on 22nd April is a reminder to living green. Start today by following several tips on our website.
April 21st is celebrated as Kartini Day – Women’s Empowerment Day. Also RA Kartini’s famed Ayam Besengek recipe for you to try.
Other interesting features in our newsletter include
– Indoindians interview with young Acharya Ishan Shivanand, Shivyog master.
– Register today for children’s’ onsite painting competition on 29th April
– India News Bulletin by Embassy of India
Kudos to theย participating artistsย for contributing their artwork for a charity auction, which will be held on Sunday 29th April from 4pm to supportย Saraswati Learning Center.
Warm regards,
Indoindians Team