Legal Documents and Process for Retirement in Indonesia


The warm weather, friendly locals, delicious foods, and endless tourist attraction options make Indonesia as one of the most desired country’s in Southeast Asia for retirement. The foreign currency (especially USD) also stretches way further in Indonesia, allowing everyone to live a comfortable (and even rather luxurious) lifestyle in Indonesia.

Retiring in Indonesia

To retire in Indonesia, you will need to have a Limited Stay Visa for Retirement or Retirement Visa (ITAS or Izin Tinggal Sementara Lansia). The Retirement Visa facility is intended to assist those wishing to spend their retirement in Indonesia.


For retirees who want to apply for this visa, here are the requirements:

  • You have to be at least 55 years old
  • You wouldn’t work in Indonesia
  • You posses a passport that still valid for more than 18 months with at least 6 blank pages
  • You are a citizen of one of the following countries
Argentina Malaysia
Australia Maldives
Bahrain Malta
Belgium Monaco
Brazil The Netherlands
Brunei Darussalam New Zealand
Bulgaria Norway
Canada Oman
Cyprus Philippines
Denmark Poland
Egypt Portugal
Estonia Qatar
Finland Russia
France Saudi Arabia
Germany Singapore
Greece South Africa
Hungary South Korea
India Spain
Iran Suriname
Ireland Sweden
Iceland Switzerland
Italy Taiwan
Liec Thailand
Kuwait United Arab Emirates
Luxemburg United States
Liechtenstein United Kingdom
  • You have a minimum available pension funds of US$1,500 a month
  • You have health and life insurance that are valid in Indonesia
  • You have a sponsor from one of the Authorized Travel Agencies


Here are the documents that you will need to submitted to the Indonesian Embassy/Consulates, or if you have a guarantor than she or he can submit it to the Directorate General of Immigration:

  1. Application + guarantee letter from appointed travel agent
  2. Copy of all passport pages
  3. 4 (four) passport photos
  4. Curriculum Vitae or resume
  5. Copy of bank accounts or proof of pension that show minimum US$1,500 a month
  6. Copy of marriage certificate (if applicable)
  7. Travel agent license of commerce
  8. Travel agent tax ID (NPWP)
  9. Statement that you will employ a domestic helper, rent an accommodation, and that you will not be working in the country.

Application process

After you’ve completed the requirements and all documents, you can choose one of these procedures to obtain your retirement visa. The application can be submitted to Indonesian Embassy/Consulates overseas, or to Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta, Indonesia. Please be aware that when a foreigner arrives in Indonesia, they should report to Immigration Office maximum 30 (thirty) days from the arrival date, to obtain a Limited Stay Permit Card as a valid stay permit in Indonesia.

Option 1: Application by Guarantor

  1. Guarantor submits visa application for foreigner in Directorate General of Immigration
  2. Guarantor make payment (Telex Fee payment)
  3. Guarantor will obtain a copy of Visa Approval Letter, and another copy will be sent to Indonesian Embassy/Consulates
  4. Foreigner can proceed to Indonesian Embassy/Consulates to get visa issued. Foreigner needs to pay the Visa Fee on this step
  5. Foreigner proceed to Indonesia. Entry stamp will be obtained in the border
  6. Foreigner reporting to Immigration Office, and have the biometrics recorded. Foreigner needs to pay the Limited Stay Permit Fee on this step
  7. Limited Stay Permit Card is issued

Option 2: Application by Foreigner

  1. Foreigner submit visa application in Indonesian Embassy/Consulates
  2. Foreigner make payment (Telex Fee payment)
  3. Indonesian Embassy/Consulates forwarding application to the Directorate General of Immigration for approval
  4. When Visa Approval is granted, Indonesian Embassy/Consulate will issue the visa. Here foreigner needs to pay the Visa Fee
  5. Foreigner can proceed to Indonesia, and entry stamp will be obtained in the border
  6. Foreigner reporting to Immigration Office and have the biometrics captured. Here foreigner needs to pay the Limited Stay Permit Fee.
  7. Limited Stay Permit Card is issued.


Fees for the visa are US$ 55 (6 months), US$ 105 (1 year) and US$ 180 (2 years). The Telex Fee is Rp 100K (around US$ 9). The sponsor fees will vary, depending on which travel agency you use as your sponsor.

The visa can be extended five times or up to five years.

Change to permanent stay visa

Foreigners can change your ITAS Lansia to ITAP (Izin Tinggal Tetap or permanent stay visa) after they obtain ITAS Lansia for five consecutive years. An ITAP is valid for a total of 25 years; however it has to be validated every five years. The visa can be applied through a Senior Foreign Tourist Travel Agency. Here are the documents needed:

  1. Application letter and guarantee from tourist travel agent as a sponsor
  2. Valid ITAS Lansia
  3. License (SIUP) and tax ID (NPWP) of the travel agent
  4. Appointment letter of travel bureau to handle the ITAP application
  5. Curriculum vitae
  6. Original and copy of valid passport
  7. Photos sized 4 cm x 6 cm, 3 cm x 4 cm, and 2 cm x 3 cm with red background, 6 copies of each size
  8. Statement of accounts issued by bank declaring funds of not less than US$1,500 a month
  9. Statement/evidence verifying actual stay at available accommodation facilities through the purchase or rental at minimum specified rates
  10. Statement to declare employment of Indonesian maid during the stay in Indonesia

Indonesian income tax for retirees

Please be advised that retirees will be liable to pay Indonesian personal income tax, which is taxed at the rate of 35% for incomes over Rp 200 million/year.

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Disclaimer: Please check with your legal counsel for all details valid at that time, as laws in Indonesia keep changing.