Participating Artists at Indoindians Art Exhibition 2019


Meet and enjoy the artworks of our talented Indian artists in Indonesia, who are passionate photographer,  painters, or other media showcasing their original artworks at Indoindians Art Exhibition & Charity Auction on Sunday 21st April.

Venue: Tower Royal, Apartemen 1Park Avenue, Jalan K.H.Syafi’i Hadzami no. 1, lantai 2, Gandaria, Jakarta 12240  Google maps here >>

Vijaya Birla at the Indoindians Art Exhibition 2016
Vijaya Birla at the Indoindians Art Exhibition

Each artist will showcase up to 4 paintings or photographs which have been framed.

Please note that there are no costs involved. Indoindians will provide display panels and help in installation of the artworks. In case there is interest in buying any of the displayed artwork, please contact the artists directly. Artist contact details will available on the artwork labels.


Selected Artists Exhibiting are:

Arun Samak, photographerArun Samak: In time when our attention is dominated by the hustle and bustle of city and the day just spent on strategy, meeting and managing issues, anything that takes us back to nature will not only be relieving but rejuvenating.

I am happy that 6 years ago I started birding as a hobby and have been able to watch nature close up. Birding has given me a sense of balance and completely a different perspective to life.

This has taken me to so many places, to meet many wonderful people and the best of all the joy of being up close to the nature, to witness some of the wonders of God’s creation.

I feel I still have “many mountains to climb” and yet to capture my best image. You may see my photographs at 


Jyoti ChawlaJyoti Chawla: Painting came to me at a stage in life where I had the time and the ability to explore various creative mediums. Leaving the corporate world after 16 years was fiercely fearful in itself. Trying to keep myself happily involved yet the creative satisfaction was primary. I’ve been a very creative person from the beginning, toying with needlework, croquet, embroidery and fabric painting has been part of growing up. Always enjoyed the satisfaction that a completed piece brings to the creator. So once the opportunity for oil painting knocked my doors I grabbed it with both hands.

I would call myself a trained artist who has some natural abilities which have been enhanced and sharpened. Feel blessed and happy that I could realize my talent and had the platform to explore it further. Painting has been with me since last 4-5 years only, so I would like to believe I am still a learner.
My subjects are totally based on what appeals to me and what I would like to see around me. The purpose of each canvas has been to explore a different technique each time. Pure oils to blending oils and acrylics is been the staple. Have been inspired by a few European and Vietnamese painters as well.


Vijay Laxmi Birla

Vijaya Birla: An arts graduate majoring in drawing and painting, Vijay Laxmi Birla became fascinated with art ever since her childhood. Vijay Laxmi does not restrict herself to any surface or medium. Her artistic journey covered sketches, landscapes, portraits, Tanjore and texture. She enjoys working with pencils and charcoal, water colours and especially acrylic and oil. She has been staying in Jakarta for twenty five years and has participated in five painting exhibitions in Jakarta. Email:



Arupa PanigrahiArupa Panigrahi: to practice any painting, no matter how well or badly, we always start with still life …..this is the only way to make our soul grow. These paintings seem to be easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you start doing it. It relaxes my mind to paint fruits. I do not bring to it the same tension of spirit as when am in front of an object. When I paint fruits with jugs and the table linen. I arrange the tones. I try out different values boldly without worrying about wasting a canvas.

Email ID- | Phone no.- +62 895-2400-6402




Nisha Guptamoved to Jakarta, Indonesia as a trailing spouse with her family having spent over a decade working as a consultant in corporate America. She came to art unexpectedly about a year ago.  Having spent several hours in traffic heavy Jakarta during her daily commutes, she started to sketch in the car to break the monotony. From sketching in the car as a worthwhile pastime and encouragement from her art-inclined friends, she continued her artistic journey into more innovative mediums such as water colors and oils. Her most recent discovery has been acrylics using the palette knife. Being self-taught curious artist with no prior training, she has yet so much to learn. Poverty and hardship is something that reminds us daily here in Jakarta, and Nisha wishes to give back to the community using her passion in art.


Rashi Sharda is an artist who venerates creativity across multiple forms, genres and media. Her upbringing in the beautiful city of Jaipur, amidst an art-loving family has had a deep impact on her personality, beliefs, and philosophy. Rashi’s professional proficiency at classical Indian singing, musical instruments and dance forms play a big role in rendering the art-form which she loves the most: Painting!

Rashi has lived in cities like Jaipur, Bandung and Jakarta and has travelled to countless more, often observing the universal attributes that connect humanity across civilisations. She is intrigued by the common denominator that distils across myriad cultures and philosophies of the world and tries to render her understanding of the universally primal conditions of the human way of life in her artworks.

For this exhibition, Rashi is projecting her thoughts on Sufi cults originating in Turkey and their representations in Rumi’s masterpieces . She has used aboriginal dot painting technique of Australian origin which she picked up in Indonesia, to literally connect the dots that the Turkish dervishes emulate with their circular dance form. She has tried to bring forth the use of a mathematically stable circle to form spiritually eccentric spirals that are prolifically observed in Turkish Sufism. Concept of titles with Indian etymology on display offers the perfect melange of cultures that she herself represents.

Rashi has a bachelors degree in fine arts from Jaipur and enjoys working in oils , acrylics , watercolors , charcoal , pens and exploring new mediums.


Suvarna Mantha is an art enthusiast who has a keen interest in Painting. Her works include landscapes, portraits, sketches. Has a special interest in oil paintings where she has a repertoire of paintings of Indian Gods in their various forms. Recently she has generated an interest in depicting Natural Animals in their natural habitats.

She has been living in Jakarta for last 3 years. She has participated in a few India club Jakarta exhibitions over the last 2 years in Jakarta.










Vaishali Deepak is a self- confessed ‘accidental artist’. She credits her foray into painting to an ‘empty wall’ in her living room. This happened almost half a decade ago when she shifted to a new apartment and started scouring local shops and malls for a painting to adorn one of the massive walls in her apartment. Unable to find what she was looking for, she decided to visit the local art supplies store and get creative on her own. Little did she realise that this impromptu trip to the art shop will open a whole new realm for her. Excited by the wide array of  paints and colours available, she bought a few canvas and let her inner artist take over. Since then, her love affair with canvas has continued and added multifarious colors to her life. Her medium of expression is mainly acrylics and her style is modern contemporary. She believes that art is the poetry of your soul and if you have your colors and brushes with you, all you need is to paint your paradise and walk right into it.



Hetal Bimal Butala: Painting came to me at a stage in life where I had the time and the ability to explore various creative mediums. Being in the corporate world and leaving it after 17 years was fearful and tough in itself and that’s when my creative journey began. How could I let go of an opportunity to learn and try my hands on oil painting.

I’m largely a self-taught painter with some natural abilities which have been sharpened over time through guidance from experts and self learning.  I have been involved  deeply with painting  since last 4-5 years, so I believe I am still a learner.

Painting has always been part of my life and I’ve been a very creative person and have explored different types of paintings like charcoal paintings, cartoon and pencil drawings rather than oil painting, so it’s been a joy to learn and try my hands on oil painting.

I am completely captivated by landscapes, absorbed by portraits and abstracts. Whether just for my own enjoyment or for private commission, I love to use my brush and paints to creatively capture a likeness. I like to make marks with my paint, rather than try for a photographic smoothness, but regardless, the end result should be an accurate observation, created with painterly expressive marks.

My themes are totally based on what appeals to me. The purpose of each canvas has been to explore a different technique. Mixed media and sculpture painting has always attracted me and have been trying my hands on the same.

My works include landscapes, abstract, portraits and sculpture painting.

Feel  happy that I could realize my talent and have the platform to explore it further.

I am originally from Mumbai and have been living in Jakarta since last 3 years.


Purvi (meaning “from the East”) is a designer, painter… Hailing from the pulsating city of Bombay, Purvi pursued her passion in arts with a degree in Textile Design from Sophia Polytechnic specializing in Dyeing, Printing and Weaving.

As her name suggests, her art takes roots in the East in a vibrant Indian culture representing an amalgamation of religion, philosophy, literature, architecture, art and music shaped over centuries.  Inspirations from this rich diversity have allowed her a broader perspective and being open to mix different art forms to create unique works of art.

A free-spirited artist who loves to travel the world – her work neither seeks nor recognizes boundaries. A brush with the apparent and imagined, spurred by color, texture and emotion, exploring vistas of the mind and heart, Purvi loves to paint realities – imperfect, fragmented and reformed.

Her work emanates from her character – an unassuming approach, carefree style with an eye for detail and a penchant for perceiving beauty as it is.

Currently residing in Jakarta with her family, Purvi is busy creating her signature collection and working on privately commissioned paintings.  She also displays her work online under the Facebook page, Purvi’s Palette.


Swati Chavhan:Growing up in Bhopal, the city of lakes, I developed my passion in traditional Indian Art. I started working with all mediums, but as the progress of my painting journey, the interest developed more towards Oil. Apart from Oil painting, my other areas of interests are mix media work on canvas, relief cone art, Mural and Glass work etc.

My art work is expression its magnificence with tint and amazing shades. Apart from traditional Indian art, I love making portraits. My passion to learn and explore different form of art work, lands me to Camlin India as a promotion artist. I have conducted various painting workshops for Camlin in Bhopal. I also worked as faculty in IIFT, Bhopal for a year. In Bhopal I also worked for a reputed Interior Designer. The work gives me an immense opportunityto learn and developed creativity in thinking, which later works for my art work.

I got fascinated to make paintings at a very younger age. I still remember my first painting when I was a kid. The appreciation received from parents and their friends encouraged me to explore more and the journey begins, which is still going on to explore the amazing world of art. I developed my art work while doing my Graduation and Masters in Drawing & Painting from Government Girls College (NutanMahavidyalaya) Bhopal. My association with Bharat Bhavan introduced me to amazing artists and their vibrant colorful expressions.

My vision is to spread Indian Art all over the world. My paintings have been displayed in art exhibitions in India. One of my painting Celebration received accolades and award in Online Art Exhibition and later Painting exhibition display by Artcozy, Delhi. My art journey continues after my coming to Jakarta in the year 2011.Every year beings different experience, fresh learning and more colors in my life.



Archana Agarwal: A home maker with 30 years of experience and a passionate arts and craft artist. She believes in leading her life in as natural and organic manner as possible and likes to extend that thought to the various facets of her life- whether it be gardening fresh vegetables and fruits in her kitchen garden or up-cycling daily waste products into beautiful, sustainable and functional alternatives- she has always got her creative juices flowing.

Currently her collection explores techniques of decoupage and dot painting. Her Mother has been her constant source of inspiration and the person responsible for her creative instincts. She is also inspired by her friends Jyoti and Komal.








Sharon Chandiramani: With a passion for art since childhood, Sharon draws inspiration from various cultures through her fondness for traveling and appreciation towards visual art genres. She focuses upon Oil Painting on Canvas and presents her creative talents through diverse styles from realism to abstract, including portraits and landscapes which are her favorites. Her whimsical paintings are an expression of her journey through life, each depicting important values, life events, and attributes that inspire change.

She believes that Painting is a vehicle for a meditative state of mind, communicating while still in silence, while also providing freedom and true self-expression as we reach a new state of consciousness.

Sharon is also passionate towards helping others live a life bigger than they deserve. She is hopeful of a world where people positively impact and empower one another without first questioning whether they are worthy or not. With a strong faith that life’s deepest joy is found in serving others, she is grateful to support this cause and inspire the children through art.



Vasundara Sur: From early childhood I loved anything related to drawing and colors. Hailing from the south of India, I got to see intricate Rangoli designs every morning. Growing up seeing my father sketching I copied him by drawing Amarchitrakatha characters during my free time when I was young. When I grew up I was fortunate to be in Bangladesh for sometime where I started learning watercolor painting and fell in love with it. My love for art grew bigger and I have started to try out new methods in Dhaka. To a certain extent I can say I have treated my body as canvas and I have many tattoos. I love Art Journalling and mixed media for the freedom I get as an artist. My love for watercolor is still growing and it will always be my favorite medium.


Sony Vasandani

Sony Bakrnchev-Vasandani:
Sony is a passionate early childhood educator who discovered her painting skills in Melbourne a year ago. She enjoys playing around with acrylics and watercolours. She also does live art and charcoal drawings. Sony’s paintings have recently been displayed in an art gallery in Melbourne.



Jyoti Gala: Jyoti Gala has an inherent talent in the creative field. Since childhood she was encouraged by her parents who saw her avid and extraordinary interest in the art forms and supported her to fulfill and achieve accolades in myriads of creative activities.

Jyoti is multifaceted in the creative arts and is proficient in choreography , the fine art of mehendi , creative craft work and painting, both in acrylic and in oil.

She has an experience of 26 years in this realm and is a competent facilitator ( teacher ) who nurtures and enables her students to freely explore, innovate and enhance their innate talent .

Jyoti has successfully held 9 solo and 4 group exhibitions of art and she is humbled and full of gratitude to go on record to state that in one of the charity exhibitions which her team had organized to display her student’s paintings , leading Bollywood superstars like Sharukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Raveena Tandon, Karisma kapoor, to name a few , attended , and all the 70 paintings were sold out like hot cakes!


Madhu Shree Bansal: My ardent love for miniature paintings goes way back to my childhood days, as I was brought up in a family where this form of art was a tradition. Travelling down the family tree from the time of my ancestors, this tradition had etched its’ way into my heart to lead me to carry on this legacy.

Being an ardent lover of Indian Tradition and Culture, I have therefore taken an initiative to promote Indian Miniature Painting (which dates back to the 14th century) to the entire world by exhibiting my artworks on an international level. These paintings comprise the use of colours handmade from minerals, vegetables, precious stones, indigo, conch shells, pure gold and silver.


Kshipra Rao: Kshipra has been dabbling in a myriad of blacks, whites and greys (just like how life is ) albeit as a hobby. With no formal background in art, she found her niche in pencils and charcoal.

Humans fascinate her and she believes that each face speaks a story of thousands of moments encompassed into the person.

Kshipra is also exploring sketches of animals of the four legged kind and is in love with sketches of horses and dogs.

She attributes the creative spark in her, to genes from her mom, who is into oils and has her artwork adorning many walls.