List of Preschools offer world-class curriculum in Jakarta

List of Preschools offer world-class curriculum in Jakarta

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Preschool education is the provision of education for children before the commencement of statutory education, usually between the ages of two and five, dependent on the jurisdiction. Preschool is also known as nursery school, kindergarten playgroup & Preschool / TK & Taman Bermain.

List of Preschools offer international curriculum in Jakarta

ISMILE …where every child shines
Address: Gapuraprima Tower 5th Floor, The Bellezza Permata Hijau Jl. Let. Jend. Soepeno No. 34, Jakarta Selatan 12210
Phone: 021 5366-4777
Fax: 021 5366-4795
Email: [email protected]
Information: ISMILE is an international Christian pre-school (6 month – 6 year) using Multiple Intelligence (M.I.) approach through project work and child-centered documentation amidst a Reggio Emilia-inspired environment, nature garden and outdoor sand/water play areas.

Superkids, Kemang
Jl. Kemang Timur No. 88-90, Jakarta Selatan
Phone : 62 21 7179 2880
Fax : 62 21 718 0173
[email protected]
Early childhood centre for students age 6 months – 5 years.old
Available also : Extra Program & Summer Program (June – July)

PlayGroup & TK Puri Ananda With Chuku Gym
Address: Jl. Wijaya Kusuma no 13 Cilandak Jakarta Selatan
Phone : (021) 75911207
Information: Accepts kids2-6 years old for Puri Ananda, and 1-10 years old for Gym.

Sunshine Preschool and Training Center
Address: Jl. Cempaka Putih Raya No: 21, Jakarta 10510
Phone : (021) 4223733 Fax : (021) 4223756
Information: Accepts kids 2-6 years old

Bambino Preschool
Address: Jl Brawijaya No 4 Kebayoran Baru
Phone: 720 3356
Information: Offering classes for children 1 – 6 yrs old.

Ceria Montessori School
Address: Jl Simpruk Golf III Kav 73 Simpruk
Phone: 722 1369
Information: Accepts kids 1-6.

Discovery Center
Address: Jalan Haji Abdul Majid Dalam No. 28 Cipete, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: (62-21) 765-7040
Fax: (62-21) 392-8367
Email: [email protected]

Happy Kids Creative Learning
Address: Jl Pekayon No 2 Pejaten Barat
Phone: 780 5078
Information: Classes for 2-5 year old children.

Jakarta Montessori School
Address: Jl Kemang Raya No 39 Kemang
Phone: 719 5408
Information: Accepting kids 1.5 – 6 years of age.

Jayakarta Montessori School
Address: Jl Kemang Selatan 1 Kemang
Phone: 719 4907
Information: Accepting kids 2.5 to 6 years of age.

Kartini Preschool
Address: Jalan Cilandak Raya KKO No. 60 Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan 12160
Phone: (62-21) 780-7644
Fax: (62-21) 722-2325
Email: [email protected]

Kepompong Play Group
Address: Jl Bangka Raya No 99B Kemang
Phone: 719 2974
Information: Bilingual (Indonesian – English) school for local and western kids 3-4 years old.

Kinderland Preschool
Address: Bona Vista Apartments complex
Jl. BonaVista Raya Lebak Bulus, Jakarta 12440
Phone: (62-21) 769-2988
Fax: (62-21) 769-2989
Information: Kinderland has four locations in Jakarta to serve the expat communities in Lebak Bulus, Pondok Indah, Pulo Mas, and Sunrise Garden. Teachers are professionally qualified and the classroom environments are of international standards.

Ladybird Preschool and English Activity Center
Address: Taman Kedoya Baru Blok B4/1
Jakarta Barat
Phone: (62-21) 580-0243
Email: [email protected]

Rainbow Monetssori School
Address: Jl H Batong No 1 Cilandak
Phone: 751 0401
Information: Kids 2-6 accepted.

Address: Jl Lamandau IV No 1 Kebayoran Baru
Phone: 726 5515
Information: English instruction for kids 1.5 – 6

Teddy Bear Preschool & Kindergarten
Address: Jl Gatot Subroto Menteng Tel: 769 0385
Jl Metro Pondok Indah No 61 Tel: 769 0385
Jl Pacuan Kuda Raya No 2 Pulo Mas Tel: 475 9009
Jl Raya Pantai Mutiara Pluit Tel: 660 1087
Information: Classes for kids 1-6. Activities include swimming, art, basic gymnastics, computer.

Tutor Time International Preschool & Kindergarten
Address: Jakarta Selatan
Jl. Kemang Utara Raya No. 56, ph: 71793139, 7182087
Jl. Arteri Pondok Indah No. 1 (behind QB Plaza), ph:
72798185, 72798223

Jakarta Utara
Jl. Raya Janur Elok QC 14/12 – Kelapa Gading, ph: 4516269, 4516913
Komp. Ruko Bukit Gading Indah Blok O15-16 – Kelapa Gading, ph: 45842794-95
Jl. Pluit Utara Raya no. 72, ph: 6692513, 6619860

Jakarta Barat
Jl. Puri Kencana Blok L7/1, ph: 5811664, 58300003
Information: Children aged 1-6 accepted. Hands on curriculum that includes computers, math, science, language instruction with a focus on learning to think independently.

Addison Montessori Pre-school
Jl. Bangka Raya No.105, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: (21)7194267
Information: accepting kids of 1.5 6 years old

Little Steps Children Center
Bellagio Boutique Mall 3rd Floor
Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat Kav. E4/3,South Jakarta
Phone : (021)30029709

The Gracia Foundation of Education
Montessori Memorial Playgroup & Kindergarten
Jalan Cipinang Jaya 4, Block C-8
Jakarta 13410, Indonesia

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