Sweet Potatoes in Indonesia: Most popular types, how to prep and storage options

Sweet Potatoes in Indonesia: Most popular types, how to prep and storage options

If you haven’t tried sweet potatoes yet, then you should try them out. Sweet potatoes are different from potatoes, but are still delicious and contain a lot of nutrients such as vitamin A, C, D, B and more! This plant is also rich in carbohydrates and other sources of nutrients. Moreover, sweet potatoes have a sweet taste that is appetizing. The texture of sweet potatoes is also distinctive and is suitable to be eaten on a daily basis.

Most popular types of sweet potato in Indonesia

Purple Sweet Potato

As the name implies, this sweet potato is purple from the outside to the inside. Apart from being a source of high carbohydrates and protein, purple sweet potatoes also contain vitamins A, C, B1, and riboflavin. Additionally, it contains iron, phosphorus and calcium so it is very good consumed for body health. The anthocyanin substances stored in purple sweet potatoes are able to prevent liver function disorders, antihypertensives and lower blood sugar levels.

Orange Sweet Potato

The orange color in sweet potatoes is caused by the presence of beta-carotene compounds that function as provitamin A. This beta-carotene content can prevent cancer, premature aging, heart disease, stroke, cataracts, sunburn and muscle disorders.

White Sweet Potato

White sweet potatoes have a slightly brittle texture and are rich in nutrients such as protein, fiber in the form of pectin, hemicellulose, cellulose, antioxidants, calcium, potassium, magnesium and various vitamins. So do not be surprised if diligently consuming white sweet potatoes can improve digestion, prevent diabetes, increase immunity, eye health. This type of sweet potato is therefore suitable for a healthy diet program.

Yellow Sweet Potato

The high nutritional content of yellow sweet potatoes is vitamin A. Meanwhile, its vitamin C content fulfills 37 percent of the body’s daily needs. The yellow sweet potato is suitable to be eaten for weight loss as it only contains 105 calories. Not only that, yellow sweet potatoes also have choline substances that help absorb fat, nourish the brain’s nerve cells so that they can increase memory.

Cilembu Sweet Potato

Cilembu sweet potato is a sweet potato that is typical of the Cilembu area, West Java. This sweet potato has a beige skin color. The color of the flesh or tuber is more of a yellowish beige color. Cilembu sweet potato taste is very sweet so it is suitable to be processed into boiled or baked sweet potatoes.

Picking the right sweet potato

Choose sweet potatoes with fresh and smooth skin

Try to choose sweet potatoes with skin that is still fresh, firm and smooth. Sweet potatoes that have skin like this indicate that the sweet potato is still freshly pulled from the ground and of good quality. Sweet potatoes that have been pulled out for too long will rot or get damaged.

Pay attention to the smell

Sweet and quality sweet potatoes will smell sweet. On the other hand, sweet potatoes that have been damaged will have a more pungent odor or are less pleasant to the nose. The smell of sweet potatoes that have been damaged will have its own characteristics.

Pay attention to the weight and size of the sweet potato

Generally, sweet potatoes that are new and of good quality will weigh quite a bit when lifted. This indicates that the sweet potato contains enough water in it. Meanwhile, sweet potatoes that have been harvested for a long time will generally feel light when removed. Sweet potatoes that have been harvested for a long time can dry out, rot inside or tend to shrink in size.

Avoid those that still have sap

Sweet potatoes that are too old are not good when consumed, but sweet potatoes that are too young are the same. Young sweet potatoes are characterized by the presence of sap and spots on the flesh. Therefore, when choosing sweet potatoes, you can peel a little of the skin and see if there is sap. Sweet potatoes that are gummy or young will taste very bland.

How to store sweet potatoes

Ideally, sweet potatoes are best kept in cool, dark storage space that is held at around 50 degrees. It will last for three to six months. Alternatively, it can also be kept at room temperature in a dark space and be consumed within a week or two. Do not keep your sweet potatoes in a refrigerator as it can dry out and develop an unpleasant flavor.

Before cooking it, scrub the sweet potatoes under cool running water with a produce brush. You can choose between leaving the peel on for more nutrition or remove it with a vegetable peeler. Afterwards you can start roasting, frying, mashing, steaming or cook it however else you decide.

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