#TravelHacks: 7 Ways to Avoid Paying for Checked Bags


Baggage is one the biggest pain points for any traveler. You might overpack, the things you pack might be overweight, and many more. There are a million possibilities for things to go wrong. Paying extra for checked in baggage is a favorite pet peeve, where many have to shell out more money in order to pay for bringing their own belongings – money that can be better used towards vacation and the things that you really want.

Here are some ways to avoid paying for a checked-in bag:

Know the Airlines’ Policy

It is important to know full well of the policies of your airlines. Fees such as baggage fees are ones that change constantly and can vary by various measures such as airline, destination, date of travel, to bag weight and size. Although an affordable place ticket is already at your hand, you could end up paying a lot more than you anticipated when you don’t properly check the baggage fees for your carrier.

Look for a Frequent Flyer Program

It’s easier for those who fly often to get a waiver of baggage fees which is by joining the airlines’ frequent flier program. Find airlines that offer loyalty programs that includes baggage fee discounts or waivers for “elite” or “preferred” members. You can ask more information by contacting your airline regarding frequent flyer programs.

If you are not one to fly often, then another thing that you can do is to apply for an airline credit card. There are certain credit cards that offer certain rewards and privileges for the card holders, some of it includes baggage fee waivers. Be careful with these offers, as programs change frequently.

Put Heavy Stuff on Your Carry-on

Carry-ons usually don’t get checked by ticket agents. Which is why you should take full advantage of this condition and put some of your items on your carry-on luggage. Before passing ticket agents, make sure of the weight of each of your luggage put in your items at the appropriate ones. This way, the weight will be distributed evenly. You will be able to carry your items but without having to pay more for your checked in luggage.

Remember that Airfares are the Priority

There are some times where you will avoid paying for baggage fares without noticing that you will be paying more for airfares at the same time. Remember that airfares are still your primary concern, which is why you should focus on finding low airfares first and foremost. Be aware of baggage fees, and save money there whenever possible by finding the lowest fee possible. Better yet–go with one carry-on bag and don’t pay the fees at all.

Bulk up

Heavy and bulky things like a winter coat or large boots could take up a lot of space on your carry-on and checked bags. Instead of putting them inside your luggage, it would be better that you wear these things on your way to the airport so that you wouldn’t have to pay for the added baggage.

Roll it up

Packing hacks can be useful to avoid paying more money for checked bags. This is because rolling your garments minimizes the amount of space that it takes up, resulting in you being able to carry more things on you carry on. As a result, you will not be paying for extra baggage as all your things are on your carry-on.

Do Laundry

As tiresome as it is, doing laundry helps out with minimizing the weight of your baggage. This is especially useful if you’re heading out for a longer trip and need more than seven to eight outfits. Rather than constantly changing you clothes, you will carry significantly less weight if the dirty clothes are either put into laundry or hand washed, in which it will be hanged on a portable clothesline afterwards.

Before even going on a vacation, paying extra fees for your baggage can ruin your mood and your vacation budget. Which is why you should be careful with the amount of stuff you carry and instead try these hacks so you would be able to save some money that could be for your vacation instead.

Which tips seems the most useful? Do you have any other tips for packing? Tell us in the comments below!