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The Chairman and Board of Directors of United Sustainable Developments & Ray White are pleased to invite you to a Real Estate investor presentation...
Gita Updesh by Sri Krishna

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The Satsangs in Jakarta is based on various scriptures, including the Bhagavad Gita, Vivekachudamani among others. The emphasis is on practical tips for application...

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Here are five super seeds that health experts around the world recommend people should include in their diet. Sprinkle these over your baked dishes...

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Sheela says: Nature's objective must be for life to keep flowing. Procreation and Preservation form the crux of this Dance. Different Life forms on...

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Agarwal Samaj Indonesia and Simprug Indah Ladies Club invites ladies & kids to attend Hariyali Teej Celebrations scheduled for 19th August 2015 at Namaste...

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asinan ketimun

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ASINAN (SWEET AND SOUR CUCUMBAR SALAD) Ingredients: Serves 4 3 Cucumber, large 1 Onion, med 1 Thai chile dressing 1/4 c Vinegar, white 1/4 c Oil 1/2 t Salt 2 t Sugar 1/2 t...

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Your Card and PIN Protect your ATM card from damage by keeping it in a safe place - don't allow it to bend or be...
Twenty Tips for Cooking and Entertaining Light

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Use heavy pans with good nonstick coating.To maintain their nonstick surface, use plastic or wooden spoons, never metal. Use nonstick cooking sprays when sauteeing or...
meet teacher

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It has been decades since I was a school student and the anxious, nail-biting moments of parent teacher meetings have increased in magnitude as...

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A few English scholars played important role to win the Poet his international accolade, the Nobel Prize. Rothenstein, one of them, was the first...
bad friends

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By Carl Massy: I remember a quote by Paramahansa Yogananda where he simply stated that "The environment is stronger than the will". Yogananda was...



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