8 Weird & Ancient Beauty Treatments

8 Weird & Ancient Beauty Treatments

With all the pollution, heat and dirt that our skin is exposed to these days it’s no wonder skincare has become an essential part of our routine. This is no different from the past, in which people use skincare to maintain their beauty.

Here are 8 Treatments used in the old days:

1. Snail Mucin

If you are a skincare fan from Korea, surely you are no stranger to snail slime. Since long ago, snail slime has been a mainstay of facial care ingredients from Korea and China.

Snail mucus functions to moisturize the skin, increase collagen production, accelerate skin regeneration, and repair the skin layer.

2.ย  Homemade masks

The Romans had a unique way of keeping their women’s beauty. One of them was goose fat which was very famous at that time for removing wrinkles.

It was reported that the Romans made their own mask made from rose water, eggs, olive oil, anise, and almond oil. These ingredients made the skin more moisturized, firmer, and brighter as the Roman women wanted.

3. Honey and Roses

Using honey as a face mask is common. Uniquely, ancient people mixed honey and roses to get moist and red lips.

Honey contains various types of antioxidants that are good for repairing damaged skin and providing moisture to the skin.

4. Rice

This bedak dingin is a traditional facial treatment that has been used by Indonesian women for a long time. Bedak dingin is made from rice and herbs.

This is because fermented rice helps protect the skin from the sun. Rice also contains Pitera which can keep skin young.

Usually women who live in coastal areas use bedak dingin from rice for their daily activities. This powder is also easy to make. Just mash the rice that has been soaked in water for a few days, mix it with the herbs and leave it to dry.

5. Betel Leafย 

Betel leaf is a natural antiseptic that can kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce excess oil on the surface of the facial skin. Its antiseptic function can help deflate pimples and reduce acne scars.

People used to boil a few pieces of betel leaf, in which the warm boiled water was used to wash the face.

6. Cornย 

Apart from being a source of carbohydrates, corn also contains various vitamins that are beneficial for the body and skin. Corn contains vitamins A, B, C and E which can renew skin cells.

In the past, used it to treat smallpox scars on the face and other body parts. Fresh corn is ground and can be used directly as a mask.

7. Turmeric Mask

The ancient Chinese used turmeric which is well known for its many benefits for the skin. Chinese women believe that a bright and healthy skin color reflects the health of one’s body. Not only for consumption, turmeric is used as a mask to give bright skin and is able to treat acne scars.

8. Milk bath

Milk bath is said to be a skin treatment for ancient women, especially the princesses of the king. Although not enough research has proven the benefits of milk baths, the content of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients is believed to be able to keep skin healthy. Some of the benefits that you may get from taking milk baths regularly are smoothing the skin and brightening dull skin.

What do you think is the most interesting treatments from the past? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below!