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Indigestion and Fruit Therapy

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Indigestion refers to an uncomfortable pain in the stomach or chest that usually occurs after a person has been eating or drinking. Other symptoms...
Traveling to Indonesia during Ramadan

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The Islamic holy month of Ramadan runs from the end of May to the end of June this year, and if you’re planning on...
6 Tips to Exercise during Ramadan

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Muslims all around the world are fasting in the holy month of Ramadan and several things in daily schedule will change. You have to wake up...
Is Your Morning Juice the Right Health Choice for You?

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Breakfast is such an important meal time of the day. However, during a busy morning, it is easy to skip breakfast, let alone healthy...
About Sambiloto or Bitter Leaves

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It’s so bitter that you still can feel the aftertaste for hours, but it has so many benefits: it’s Sambiloto, or also known as...
Cabe Puyang: Characteristic, Uses, and Recipes

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Since Indonesian Jamu drinks are highly influenced by Indian Ayurveda practices, it is not surprising if Jamu ingredients are also the ones used in...

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Tangy Fruits and Vegetable Salsa Recipe

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Welcome to day 7 of our healthy #7DaySimplySalads recipes for weight loss. The printable shopping list is here>> For the last day of 7-day healthy salads, we...
Celebrating Karwa Chaut

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Perhaps the one festival that all newly married women in North India look forward to is Karwa Chauth. The festival traditionally followed to pray...

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One of the challenges for newcomers to Jakarta is learning the local language, Bahasa Indonesia. It is certainly well worth taking the trouble to...
5 Must Try Poke Bowls in Jakarta

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Poke bowls are currently having a moment, especially among foodies in Jakarta. In case you missed it, poke (pronounced ‘poh-kay’ not ‘pohk’) is a traditional...
Common Misconceptions about Life in Indonesia

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Many foreigners come to Indonesia from year to year, some only visiting for holidays, while others who choose to live and work in Indonesia. However,...
Krsna Janmastami at Puncak

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ISKCON temple (Sri Radha Govinda Mandir) in Puncak, Indonesia extends an invitation to the Sri Krsna Janmashtami Puja 2016, being held on Thursday, Aug 25...


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