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bubur sumsum

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“Dessert” is probably popular term in Western world, where people are familiar with three-course meals: appetizer, main course, and dessert. In Indonesia, three-course meal...
bubur kacang hijau

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During the cool rainy season, these desserts can warm you and make your taste buds happy!Bubur Kacang HijauBubur Kacang Hijau is an Indonesian sweet...
Choosing the Right Lipstick Color

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Choosing lipstick color can be a tricky task for you. Sometimes, if not most of time, we choose a wrong lipstick color because we...

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Betawi people are the descendants of the people living around Batavia (the colonial name for Jakarta) from around the 17th century. The Betawis are...

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Dark under-eye circles are a common beauty problem. It affects overall complexion, makes you look tired, gloomy, groggy, and the worst is: makes you...

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Did you know that an hour of bouncing can help you burn up to 1000 calories? Bouncing is one of the alternatives you can do...

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45. Poem 'Bhojon Bir' = (The Gluttonous Hero) of the book 'Prahasini' (=Satirist) written 3 years before the Poet's death in 1941 at the...
Javanese Ginger Tea: Wedang Bandrek

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Ginger tea with a twist – a hot, spicy and sweet tea relaxes and re-energizes.Ingredients :1 Lt of water 200 grams of fine brown sugar 100...
Better Golf with Technology

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By: Poonam Sagar - Mention technology, and the first thing most golfers think about is how advances in design and materials have so dramatically...
Taruna Aggarwal - NLP Caoch

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Taruna believes that the single most important business differentiator for any organization is its People. The Core Value for every business to thrive should...

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Once you have your computer set up and are connected to the Internet you can access many websites that provide useful information to help...

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LECTURE 7Meaning of word Yoga- karma yoga in Bhagwad Gita According to the epic Mahabharata , Arjun, his brothers, family and public used to worship...


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