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Bali Underwater Scooter

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A great vacation with your loved ones, whether it’s with your family or friends, contains two main things: exciting activities which everybody can join; and...
#WheretoEat: Best Pasta in Jakarta

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Most of us are familiar with at least one type of Italian food, whether it’s pizza, pasta, or cheese. Italian food has become a part...
Image Development by Chandra Sakhrani

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What is image development? I am often asked. It is as simply put as personal branding. It is a sheer waste of individuality when any...
Indonesia Hindi Association celebrates Hindi Divas 2016

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Indonesia Hindi Association in collaboration with India in Indonesia (Embassy of India, Jakarta) & Indoindians celebrates Hindi Divas 2016 on 1st Oct 2016 (11:00AM -2:00...
Extreme Sports You Can Do in Bali

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Bali really offers an endless list of things you can do during your holiday in addition to the exotic beaches or affordable spa treatments. Bali...
Bihari Keema Recipe by Shabana Akbany

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Bihari Keema is a delicious family meal cooked with spices, coconut and yogurt. Serve it with paratha. It has a delicious taste and sure...

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  Contact  Drs AMDI IBRAHIM / Ibu IKA Address  Jl. Krekot II Dalam No. 19 RT. 003/02 Pasar Baru - Jakarta Pusat Telp.  34832535

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SPECIAL CARE TECHNIQUES Drycleaning Some fabrics must be drycleaned, depending on the fibre content and construction. Always follow care instructions. Drip-drying Fabrics which are to be drip-dried should...
English…As You Didn’t Know It

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S-O-S: STRATEGY OF SUCCESS - Living a life of well-being and success Interviews with people who have been successful in any aspect of their life...
Chum Chum

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A Diwali Sweet Chum chum can be served plain, coated with desiccated coconut, drenched in rabri or even stuffed with mawa and fry fruit. In...
Scrambled eggs

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SCRAMBLED EGGS (The Easy Way) Use a finely ground whole-wheat flour (or further mill it in a food processor) to make this crust variation. Ingredients: Eggs 1 teaspoon milk/egg Directions: In...

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By Pri Notowidigdo How would you react to a call from a "headhunter," the popular name for an executive search consultant? He offers you an...


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