Make the Divine Your Valentine

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By: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar This Valentine’s Day, make the Divine your valentine. See the Divine in your valentine and make the divinity your valentine....


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Sadhu Vaswani Center Jakarta is a spiritual center that was inaugurated with the grace of Rev Dada JP Vaswani.  The center hosts a wide range of spiritual events that compliments the trinity of our essence that is our...

Yayasan Lestari Sayang Anak

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The name of the foundation is Lestari Sayang Anak, which means "Forever loving children". It is a non-profit organization, founded by Ingrid van der...

Nehru - Soekarno Photogallery

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In 1950, the first President of Indonesia - Sukarno called upon the peoples of Indonesia and India to "intensify the cordial relations" that had...

IIT Alumni Indonesia

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To all IIT Graduates in Indonesia,  we are a highly influential Group of Expats. Let us come together and form a Group. All Engineering...

UN honors Tagore

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The top UN cultural body UNESCO launched a program on Sept 13, 2011, honoring India's Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore and two other humanist poets,...