7 Amazing Facts about Nyepi Celebrations

A unique Hindu festival celebrated in Indonesia is Nyepi Day (Day of Silence). The calm and quiet atmosphere during Nyepi differentiates this celebration amongst...
Featuring 20 pioneering women artists of the region, 'Reinventing Eve' is a specially curated exhibition

Art Scene, Jakarta 2019

Art In Jakarta Culture and diversity in Indonesia can be clearly acknowledged in the Capital City, Jakarta. Through art, the spirit is celebrated as its...

11 Types of Batik Patterns You Must Know

Batik is an important part of Indonesian culture. It contains cultural significance, as it is deeply embedded into the everyday lives and contains symbolisms...

All About Kebaya: Indonesia’s Traditional Formal Wear for Women

The people in Indonesia successfully integrate both the modern and traditional aspects into their lives. Culture plays an important role in the daily lives...

7 Most Incredible Rituals in Indonesia: Kerik Gigi, Timah and More!

Indonesian is a country full of history and culture. From wayang, traditional dances to ancient beliefs, there is much to be explored in Indonesia....
Indian Expatriates Association (IEAM) Medan, Indonesia

Indian Expatriates Association (IEAM) Medan, Indonesia

Indian Expatriates Association Medan was formed on 9th March 2016. The association is recognized by The Consulate General of India in Medan. IEAM has achieved...
Pongal Kondattam 2019 celebrations by Indonesia Tamil Sangam

ITS Pongal Kondattam 2019

Pongal Kondattam 2019 celebrations by Indonesia Tamil Sangam venue: Gedung Serba Guna Aula Cut Nyak Dian Taman Buperta Cibubur Day | Time: Sunday, 27th Jan at 10am

What is Kejawen?

Because of the long span of its history, Indonesia is one of the countries with the richest cultures in the world. The Javanese, being...

5 Must-Visit Art Galleries in Bali

In Bali art is an integral part of its culture and comes naturally to the people living there. It is also the main reason why the...

6 Places to Learn Tai Chi in Indonesia

Tai Chi is an ancient martial arts inspired by healing art of Qigong. Benefits of Qigong includes muscle strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and aerobic...