10 Famous Indonesian Artists You Should Know

Art is a manifestation of our thoughts and can be inspired by many things from our experiences, culture or even the things we see...

8 #MustTry Rujak in Indonesia

Rujak is a traditional fruit and vegetable dish that can be found all over Indonesia. The word means mixture or eclectic mix in colloquial Malay....

Celebrating Diwali at Kiddie Planet, Jakarta

Kiddie Planet had a wonderful Diwali celebration. The school felt different that day due to colorful Diwali decorations spread around the school, along with...
DIY lehenga style saree

#7SareeStyleChallenge Day 5: Lehenga Style

We are now in to day 5 of our #7SareeStyleChallenge and this drape can transform any saree into a lehnga. This unique drape can...
saree style challenge gujarati

#7StyleSareeChallenge Day 4 – Gujarati Style Saree

The Gujarati style saree is a very traditional and elegant drape. The traditional Gujarati Sarees include Bandhej/Bandhani/Leheriya, made by a technique of Tie & Dye....
Kavita Zaveri and friends in the Maharashtrian saree style

#7StyleSareeChallenge Day 3 – Maharashtrian Style Saree Draping

The traditional Maharastrian Nauvari (also known as Nav Vari, Nauvaree, Kasta Sari, Kacha, Sakachcha, Lugade) is a nine yards saree worn by the women...
bengali style saree #7SareeStyleChallenge #indoindians

#7StyleSareeChallenge Day 2 – Bengali Style Saree Draping

Remember the classic saree drape flaunted by Aishwarya in Devdas? Welcome to day 2 of the Indoindians Saree challege. The blue Benarasi embellished silk sari...
#indoindians #7SareeStyleChallenge #indoindiansSareeStory

#7SareeStyleChallenge Day 1 – Nivi Style Saree Draping

Welcome to day 1 of the 7 Saree Style Challenge and we start with the splendor of the traditional Nivi style saree. The Nivi style is the...

Dolly Jain, Fastest Saree Draper in the World

IndoIndians.com had the opportunity to meet with Dolly Jain, the fastest Saree draper ever recorded by the Guinness World Records. Jain is not only known...

All about Labuan Bajo

Bali may be most famous tourist destination in Indonesia, but there are other hidden paradises which  if not more, are just as beautiful. Labuan...