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Travelling in Indonesia. Seeking for Destinations for travelling in Indonesia? Come & Join Largest India Communities in Indonesia.

Mesjid Agung Banten

Mesjid Agung Banten (Banten Grand Mosque) Jalan Mesjid Agung Serang, 100 kilometers west of Jakarta Jakarta 42191 Phone Number: +62 254 200 010 (Dinas Pariwisata Kabupaten Serang) Description: Built around...

Arus Liar Rafting

Adventurers will enjoy rafting at the Citarik river in Sukabumi,West Java.Located in the slope of Mount Halimun National Park. Choose from various packages, from 1/2day...

Destination Jakarta

Once saddled with a reputation as a poverty-ridden hell hole, Jakarta mutated into a metropolis with all the outward appearance of an Asian boom...

Destination Irian Jaya ( Papua )

It was the Spaniard Ynigo Ortiz de Retes who, in 1545, gave the name Nueva Guinea to a strip of land on the north...