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6 Spooky Tours in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country where anything haunted or mystical is still a huge part of local culture. Perhaps that is also the reason that...

#WhereToGo: All About Jaipur

Planned by Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, Jaipur holds the distinction of being the first planned city of India. Renowned globally for its coloured gems, the capital...
Museum Tekstil, Home to the Collection of Indonesian Traditional Fabrics

Museum Tekstil – A Collection of Indonesian Traditional Fabrics

Indonesia has many beautiful traditional fabrics. Almost each province has its own traditional fabric and textile, with different pattern, colors, and meaning. If you...

Keindahan Gereja-Gereja Goa

Naskah: BRINDA Gill. Fern: SATYAJIT S. GILL Sepanjang Laut Arab, terbentanglah negara bagian Goa, sebuah daerah tropis yang didominasi oleh warna-warna biru dan hijau yang membujur...
A Guide to Underwater Photography for Beginners

A Guide to Underwater Photography for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to capture the amazing view when you go snorkeling or diving? Or are you frustrated by the limitations of your...
The Big Durian, either you love it or you hate it

The Big Durian: You either Love it or Hate it!

Jakarta is a city that is perhaps best savored in retrospect, allowing time to temper its images and experience. Like the Durian, Jakarta is...

10 Packing Essentials For Summer Vacation

No need to pack everything you own for vacation. The right tote, a versatile dress and quick-change separates can make all the difference. Here...

All about Labuan Bajo

Bali may be most famous tourist destination in Indonesia, but there are other hidden paradises which  if not more, are just as beautiful. Labuan...
6 Must Visit Floating Markets in Indonesia

6 #MustVisit Floating Markets in Indonesia

You must be familiar with floating market. Yes, it’s where people sell and buy goods on waters (literally) like rivers and lakes. One of...

Scenic Train Ride to Bandung

Are you planning to go to Bandung? The capital city of West Java offers many tourist attractions and experiences, from culinary, shopping, natural attractions like Kawah...