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7 Middle-of-Forest Glamping Spots in West Java: Bobocabin Cikole

7 Middle-of-Forest Glamping Spots in West Java

Glamorous camping or what is usually abbreviated as ‘glamping’ is a new trend for vacationers. Spending the night in the midst of serene nature...

7 Most Incredible Rituals in Indonesia: Kerik Gigi, Timah and More!

Indonesian is a country full of history and culture. From wayang, traditional dances to ancient beliefs, there is much to be explored in Indonesia....

#Howto Prepare an Eco-Friendly Travel Kit

When traveling, a travel kit is something that cannot be left behind. Rather than creating a kit that can potentially harm the environment, why...

8 Popular Destinations in Jayapura

Jayapura is the capital city of Papua Province and is one of the major cities there. Although this city is better known as a...

A Road Trip Jakarta-Bali

A Road Trip Jakarta-Bali Get ready for an amazing drive as you travel from Jakarta to Bali by car. The distance from Jakarta to Bali...
Prambanan Hindu Temple in Jogykarta

Prambanan, the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia

Prambanan Temple soars 47 meters into the sky embellished by reliefs telling the epic of Ramayana and Krishnayana, the beauty of this Hindu temple...

7 Tips for Dealing with Motion Sickness When Mudik for Lebaran

Mudik or annual mass homebound exodus is a tradition that is often carried out by the Muslim population in Indonesia ahead of Eid al-Fitr....

The Most Popular Chinese Temples in Jakarta

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is a melting pot of various cultures and religions. The Chinese community is one of the significant communities...