Fun Facts About Bogor Botanical Gardens


Bogor Botanical Gardens is a green open space suitable for tourism. The cool air and green scenery refreshing the eyes can help relieve boredom from daily activities.

Here are important facts that everyone needs to know about the Bogor Botanical Gardens along with the latest entry ticket information:

1. Pioneer of the Development of Science in Indonesia


On May 18, 1817, Governor General Godert Alexander Gerard Philip van der Capellen officially established the Bogor Botanical Gardens. The Bogor Botanical Gardens later became a pioneer in the development of science in Indonesia. From here several other scientific institutions were born, such as the Bibliotheca Bogoriensis, the Herbarium Bogoriense, the Cibodas Botanical Garden, the Treub Laboratory, and the Zoological Museum and Laboratory.

2. The Oldest Botanical Garden in Southeast Asia


According to the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), the Bogor Botanical Gardens are more than two centuries old. The Bogor Botanical Gardens existed under the leadership of the Dutch Governor General, Godert Alexander Gerard Philip van der Capellen on May 18, 1817. Inside the Bogor Botanical Gardens there is a monument commemorating the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Bogor Botanical Gardens.

3. Collection of Thousands of Flora


The Bogor Botanical Gardens has a plant collection of about 222 families, 1,257 genera, 3,423 species and 13,684 specimens. In this 87-hectare garden, there are 15,000 species of trees. There are also carrion flowers (Amorphohalus Titanium) and suweg flowers (Amorphophallus Paeoniifolius) which are the main attraction here.

4. Has Various Nicknames


The Bogor Botanical Gardens is called Boerderij Buitenzorg or the governor general’s resting place. Its other nicknames are Land’s Plansurein, Kebun Gede, Sykobutzer, and Botanical Garden of Indonesia.

5. Included in the Temporary List of World Heritage Sites


The initiation for the proposal for the Bogor Botanical Gardens to become a World Heritage Site began in 2017. The Bogor Botanical Gardens were then officially registered on the UNESCO Tentative List of World Heritage Sites on April 26 2018. The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) proposed again to designate the Bogor Botanical Gardens as a World Heritage Site UNESCO in 2020.

6. Samida Forest Area


The Bogor Botanical Gardens are thought to originate from the Samida forest. Samida Forest is an artificial forest built by Sri Baduga Maharaja Prabu Siliwangi, King of the Kingdom of Pajajaran. The wood from this forest was once intended for ceremonial offerings. However, other sources also state that the Samida forest was built to protect the environment and as a place to maintain rare wood seeds.

7. Home to Various Interesting Parks


The Bogor Botanical Gardens cover an area of about 87 hectares consisting of several parks, including Nepenthes Park, Mexican Park, Teijsmann Park, Astrid Park, Aquatic Garden, Medicinal Garden, Orchidarium and Black Orchid Gardens, Soedjana Kassan Park, Ecodome, Bamboo Garden, Araceae Thematic Park.


1. Exploring the Bogor Botanical Gardens with the Tour de Botanical Garden Program.
The itinerary is a Historical Site, Interesting Collection and Eco Tree. The maximum number of participants is 10 people and it costs IDR 50,000/pax.

2. Seeing Flower Collections and Taking Pictures in the Conservation Park.
There are many conservation parks within the Bogor Botanical Gardens, for example the Mexican Garden, Nepenthes Park, Medicinal Garden, Black Orchid Garden. There are also the Teijsmann Park, Soedjana Kassan Park to the famous Gunting Pond as a photo background.

3. Visit the Zoological Museum
In this museum, there are skeletons of giant blue whales and other animals neatly arranged. There are also preserved animals and terrarium collections that are interesting to observe.

4. Exploring Ecodome
Ecodome is a place for environmental education in the Bogor Botanical Gardens. A layer of moss on the outside of the dome is to absorb bacteria from the air. Inside the dome there are various collections of tropical plants and flowers.

5. Exploring the Bogor Botanical Gardens by Cycling
Enjoying the various parks in the Bogor Botanical Gardens by cycling. There are bicycle rentals here, but visitors can also bring personal bicycles. If we come in groups, there are shuttle bus or golf car rentals for convenient transportation.

6. Visit an Ancient Cemetery
Bogor Botanical Gardens has an old Dutch burial area. It is said that this burial complex existed since before the Bogor Botanical Gardens was inaugurated in 1817. There are 42 graves with 38 of them identifiable.


Based on the official website of the Bogor Botanical Gardens website,, here is the latest information about Bogor Botanical Gardens entrance tickets and visiting tips.

1. Operational Hours
Weekdays, 08.00-16.00 WIB
Weekends and national holidays, 07.00-16.00 WIB.

2. Ticket Prices
Local and foreign tourists: IDR 16,500
Bicycle: IDR 15,000.
Weekends and National Holidays:
Local and foreign tourists: IDR 26,500
Bicycle: IDR 20,000

3. Rent a Bike
Basket bike IDR 25,000 per unit per hour
Mountain bike IDR 30,000 per unit per hour
Electric bicycle IDR 40,000 per unit per hour.

4. Rent a Scooter
Weekdays: electric scooter IDR 40,000 per 30 minutes
Weekends: electric scooter IDR 45,000 per 30 minutes.

5. Rent Toys
Weekdays: IDR 20,000 toy cars
Weekends and National Holidays: IDR 25,000 toy cars

6. Rent a Golf Car
Golf Car capacity of 4 people IDR 250,000 per hour
Golf Car with a capacity of 6 people IDR 300,000 per hour


Address: Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No.13, Bogor City, West Java,16122.
Phone : (+62) 251 – 8311362


Visitors who come can enter through doors 1 and 3.

The ticket prices above are the latest prices (November 2022) based on