#Howto: Different Styles of Tying Kain Batik


A Kebaya is traditional formal wear used in Indonesian special occasions. It consists of a blouse, a bustier and a large cloth to use as a skirt. In the past, the batik cloth is only wrapped around the body to form a long skirt. Kain batik has currently become more modernized following the growth of fashion trends. Women can even have additional accessories to decorate their kebaya.

Here are several different ways to tie a batik skirt:

Aladdin Pants

A batik cloth does not only result in skirts, but pants are also available for formal events. Making it is relatively easy and would sure provide you with more comfort than the skirt varieties.


  1. Take your you batik cloth and hold out both of the ends.
  2. Tie both the ends of the batik behind you.
  3. Pull the batik behind you through your feet. Make sure both ends are even by holding each end with your hands.
  4. This time, tie the ends in front of your stomach.
  5. Pull up the material if it looks too loose and tuck it in your stomach.

Optional: In case of wardrobe malfunction, you can wear leggings or tight pants underneath.


Tulip Style

For a more informal look, the tulip style would be ideal. Because it is short, it is more suitable for semi-formal or much more casual settings.


  1. Pull your batik cloth in front of you using both your hands.
  2. Switch the ends of the cloth on both hands.
  3. Continue pulling on the opposite directions of your hands.
  4. Tie the ends of the bloth behind your back.
  5. Tuck in all the excess cloth to make sure the skirt looks neat.

Tip: We recommend the use of tight shorts or a skirt underneath, in case of a wardrobe malfunction.


With a Belt Ring

Using a belt ring is a popular way to add accents to your skirt. It is one of the easiest ways to spruce out your outfits and make it extra special for the occasion.ย Some of the popular belt rights are styled in the shape of animals or geometric shapes.


  1. Take the long ends of your cloth on both your hands.
  2. Put one of the ends through a belt ring.
  3. Pull it until it is locked firmly
  4. The end with the belt ring should be placed center and infront. The opposite side should be put behind it, all the way to the back.
  5. This is what it looks like in the front.
  6. Secure both ends in the back by tying it in a knot.

Rose Skirt

Want more accents but lost your belt ring? You can try this other variation of a rose skirt. It is just as beautiful, however with a unique rose twist that sets you apart from others at the party. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also very easy to recreate.


  1. Pull both ends of the cloth in front of you.
  2. Put one hand on the edge and use the other hand to tighten the skirt by holding the skirt.
  3. Keep pulling towards your body until your body feels comfortable.
  4. Start twisting the cloth tightly.
  5. Twist tightly until the cloth forms a coil. Continue twisting and turn it downwards.
  6. Continue twisting in a circular form.
  7. If there is no more space, twist it underneath the circular area of the cloth
  8. Finish by pulling the ends of the cloth through the ‘rose’. Tuck the excess cloth underneath to make it neater.

Tip: For this type of skirt style, it is necessary to wear tight shorts or a tight skirt to prevent wardrobe malfunction.

On the Side

Otherwise, you can also wear the side skirt variation during formal events. This style is more suitable for extremely formal events, such as weddings.


  1. Choose your preferred batik cloth for the occasion.
  2. Twist the right side about a third of the cloth’s length.
  3. First, drag the other side opposite from the twisted side. Pull it underneath, then over the twisted cloth.
  4. Bring both ends of the cloth towards the back and tie it together.
  5. Tuck in the excess both inside your body.

Optional: Wear a tight skirt, tight pants or leggings to safeguard against possible wardrobe malfunctions.

Although it looks relatively complicated, you can do it with ease. These are just the five basic styles of tying your batik cloth during a party. Depending on the style you tied it in, you can use to attend a formal wedding or a much more casual garden party. Don’t forget to add in accessories to your batik cloth and choose the matching blouse to go with it!

What style of batik cloth have you tried? Is there any style that you’d like to try? Share your opinion with us in the comment section down below!