Jobs in Bali for Foreigners


Bali is not only a dream place for vacation or honeymoon, but is also a dream place to work and live in. Many visitors who have come only for vacation, seen and experienced the island on their holiday, eventually want to stay longer. In other words, many gave moved on from being a “tourist” to an “expat” in Bali— where they work and live.

If you are also planning to relocate and work in Bali, there are many things you need to prepare. First and the most important is the working permit or employment visa. Acquiring an employment visa for Bali is a slightly complicated process, and legally working in Bali can be more difficult than expected. However it does not mean that getting a job in Bali for expats is impossible. It would be beneficial and easier to either hire an immigration agent or find a confirmed job offer before entering the country.

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The government prefers to grant working visas for jobs that Indonesians are not capable of performing, so you have a few options at your disposal. Here are few:

Work in a hotel

Tourism is a big business in Bali, and this is one area where they will hire foreigners to work in Bali. Many managerial level positions in hotels are commonly filled by foreigners, from general managers, restaurant managers, and executive chefs. However, international chain hotels usually hire and transfer internally.

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English/foreign languages teacher

If you are from a native English speaking country, or other countries which national language is not English, then it could be easier to find yourself a teaching job in Bali. International schools usually pay the highest and English courses/institutes usually not as high. Teaching foreign languages in Bali is not only adding up to your own resume but also offers valuable cultural insights through your close interactions with locals.


If you are a certified diving or yoga instructor, you have a chance to gain money in Bali. There are many choices of 5-star certified dive shops now available around the island where you can score a position as dive instructor. Same as yoga—there are many yoga retreats and centers available in the island where you can visit as “guest yoga instructor” or even a permanent one. One of the best parts about being a diving or yoga instructor in Bali is the opportunity to exchange your knowledge with like-minded divers or yogis from all over the world.


There are plentiful work opportunities in Bali as a photographer, DJ, model, or musician. DJs, as well as jazz singers and musicians are on constant demand, with night clubs and bars are popping on the island. There is one thing to consider before you take the job in this field: companies will usually employ artist on a short term contract, meaning you will typically work without a legal work permit. Some people accept this opportunity; others find the lack of reliable money and uncertain visa arrangements a little unsettling.

Opening your own business

Most expats in Bali create their own employment either through setting up a business like clothing design, hotels, restaurants, café, or club or doing freelance work like web design, photography, or writing. However, the process to get the legal permit to start a business in Indonesia is also not an easy task.

The process of landing on a job in Bali might be exhausting, but you will be rewarded not only by the compensation from the company, but also by the fact that you are living in one of the most beautiful places on earth. You also may feel that instead of working, you only move your working space to a beautiful island. Now, who says that finding a job in Bali as foreigners is impossible?