Kids in The Kitchen


Kids in The KitchenWith kids home during summer vacations & in the evenings, this would be the perfect time to get the little ones into the kitchen, while you are in it. Here are some Tips to get your kids to help and participate in the kitchen.

Delegate simple and easy to do kitchen chores to your little ones.

Tell them exactly what to do. Down to the last detail. Let them do it . Follow up with positive reinforcement. Don’t do the job for them. Many a times gentle reminders are necessary. Most of all make it fun.


– Getting Ready for Cooking

Kids in The KitchenGet organized leads to less messy and easier clean-up.

  • Have the kids wear an apron , preferably with a pocket to keep their wiping cloth – their size- this will help to keep their clothes clean. Have them wear short-sleeved clothes rather then long sleeves which may get in their way.
  • Wash and dry all hands before getting started. Use plenty of soap and scrub those finger nails.
  • Get out all the ingredients the recipe calls for. This is a great way to get the kids to find out where to find the common kitchen ingredients. So the next time they won’t ask you where to find that particular ingredient when you need it.
  • Get out all the utensils you will need including the pans, cups, spoons, and bowls, etc. –preferably plastic or other non-breakable variety.
  • Have the kids put everything together on the kitchen counter or table according to the recipe. This will save time when you begin to cook.


– Kids love Challenges !

Kids in The KitchenHere is one that will keep them busy in the kitchen with you……. Time your kids on laying the table.

Note :ย  For young ones assign plastic dinnerware.


– Responsibility….Assign one task per kid !

kids-kitchenNo one should do that task except for them. Not even “YOU” ! That will make them feel responsible and special. Follow through with affirmations like ” I know that ____ has already done this today! ”

For example : Get water for everyone at the dinner table every night. Assign your own special tasks to make them feel involved. See the difference.


– Taking it ONE STEP AT A TIME

Kids in The KitchenKeeping yourself calm is very important in the kitchen as the kids can sense your hurry to get things done when they do things slowly. Take it one step at a time for YOU.


– Cleaning while cooking

Kids in The KitchenKeeping things away as soon as you are done with it, is as important as the cooking process. Teach your young ones the importance of “cleaning while cooking” As you finish using the measuring utensils and mixing bowls put them in the sink to soak in hot soapy water. By the time you finish getting everything mixed or into the pots and pans half the cleanup is done!


– My Own Cleaning Cloth

Kids in The KitchenGive each kid a cloth to wipe their hands on, if you don’t, they will find their sleeves, your clothes to wipe on!


– The Right Height

Kids in The KitchenGetting your kids at the right height for working in the kitchen is very important. Prop them up on a STABLE stool which will get them to the counter height & will help them see better what is being done.


– Care in the kitchen

Kids in The KitchenWhile cooking can be fun, it can turn dangerous if proper caution is not exercised. Kids have to be advised not to play with the gas knobs, matchboxes & lighters. The oven, gas burner & microwave should at ALL times be used under adult supervision only.


– Gooeeeness and FUN !

Kids in The KitchenKids love getting their hands “all Gooey”. The making of ‘Chappati dough’ fulfils this urge! And along with ‘Beating the batter’ & ‘Licking the bowl’, is a favourite exercise in the kitchen! Cakes & Cookies! Marshmallows & milkshakes! Drinks & Dips! & a host of other goodies. All of these make ‘kitchen times’, fun-times!