Me O’Clock: Tips for Enjoying Time Alone


Having time for yourself is vital for leading a healthier and happier life.

Being alone and doing something that you love doesn’t necessarily mean that you are lonely. In fact, spending more time with ourselves, without being surrounded by people, and without surrounding ourselves via all those social networking platforms, we can find serenity in the company that matters most: the relationship we have with ourselves.

In fact, there are many physical and psychological benefits to spending time alone. A quality ‘me-time’ is important as it helps de-stress, heightens energy levels, uplifts your spirit and makes you more productive.

However, in the middle of your busy lifestyle, there never seems to be enough time to get through the day’s tasks, let alone have time for yourselves. Some people also find it difficult to have a quality me-time because they cannot be alone with their thoughts. So, how can you set up some ‘me o’clock’ time in the middle of your schedule?

Take it easy

If the idea of spending time alone puts burdens on your shoulders, then start off slowly. Maybe a weekend long Netflix marathon is not suitable for you. Build up your tolerance and find activities that you enjoy, for example reading a new book on the way to your home after office. Health experts actually recommend that you set aside some quality time for yourself daily. Even if you’re unable to spare an hour every day, a routine 15-minute window will do you a world of good.

Start new hobbies

Some people who find that they hate spending time alone are simply bored when they do so. If this sounds like your problem, board on a new hobby! Use the silence to paint, knit, learn musical instruments, or simply read a genre of book that you’ve never read before. This is your time to try new things without any distractions.


Once you’ve found your ‘me time’ slot, focus on activities that you find uplifting mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. You know that you’ve hit on the right formula when you find yourself feeling refreshed, being more optimistic when faced with challenges, and having a more positive attitude towards your relationships.

Realize that it’s time to be your truest self

A time by yourself meant that you could do anything you want—isn’t that an exciting prospect? You can use the time to do your hobbies, doing things that you like (even the embarrassing ones)—all in your most comfortable clothes. No need to think about the judgment of society. It’s the real definition of ‘me time’, isn’t it?

Go to the places you’ve never been

Nobody ever said spending time alone meant locking your door and camping out at home. A change in location could do the trick to make your me-time more comfortable and not too stressful for you. Go walk around town, go to that new café on top of a hill, or simply drive around town without specific destination. The fact that you are going by yourself is what matters the most.

Enjoy the relaxation

While there’s nothing wrong with running around and doing things for others, it is necessary to occasionally cancel plans, kick back at home, and really pamper yourself. Climb into a bubble bath, lit a scented candle, and have a glass of wine while listening to your favorite songs is the moment you forget all your troubles (at least for a while).

Distance yourself from distractions

During your time alone, be sure that you eliminate the distractions around you. Avoid letting daily chores like answering e-mails or doing the laundry creep into your precious me-time routine. Even if you do chores by yourself, it doesn’t count as quality me-time! Remind yourself that the world is not going to end if you give yourself a short time out each day.