The Perfect Eyebrow Shapes for Your Face

Eyebrow Shapes for Your Face Shapes

Eyebrows are the frame of our face. The perfect eyebrow shapes keep your face looking fresh. Well-shaped brows also help to balance the proportion of your face. However many people don’t know which shape fits their face shape perfectly.

Before you decide to shape your eyebrows, it is best to understand your face shape and which eyebrows shape is most suitable:

Perfect Eyebrow Shape for an Oval Shaped Face

Perfect Eyebrow Shapes

If you have this face shape, you’re so lucky. Oval is considered as a perfect face shape and any shape of eyebrows is suitable. Thick, thin, dark color, light color, you can try any shapes and colors your want for your eyebrows. You can play with angular arches or straight shape that stretch outward to the temples. You cannot go wrong with an oval face for getting the perfect eyebrow shape—but it will be best if you refrain from skinny arches or half-moons shape. They don’t look cute on anyone even with perfect, proportional oval shape.

Eyebrows for a Round Shaped Face

Round face

To balance your round jaw line, try to make your eyebrows very angular. Make sure that you shape your eyebrows to have some height but not high-rounded shape. Brows should be straight up and down, and the arch of your brows should be high. Brows with high and sharp angles will give definition to your face and create an illusion of a longer face.

Perfect Eyebrow Shape for a Square Shaped Face

Square face

Opposite of round shaped face, square shaped face have defined jaw accents. If you aim to soften your strong jaw line, soft rounded eyebrows are the way to go. Otherwise, if you want to accent your jaws, you can make angled brows with noticeable arch and make them a little thicker.

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Eyebrows for a Heart Shaped Face

Heart face

Women with heart shaped faces may not know this but your eyebrows play a big part in creating that feminine heart shaped face. Without the perfectly shaped brows, your face shape can easily be mistaken as just having a pointy chin. Refrain from thick, dark-colored eyebrows as they can draw attention to your forehead. To create a feminine shape, brows should be arched and curved softly, so it will balance the proportion of your wide upper face part and pointy chin.

Perfect Eyebrows for a Long Shaped Face

Long face

Long face is characterized by features that are vertically stretched out. It looks gorgeous and it’s really a common face shape. But, if you make your eyebrows really flat and heavy, your face can look like a cross. Instead, focus on extending the length of your eyebrows. Minimize the arches or curve to the eyebrows.

No matter what face shape you have, there are three golden rules to follow when it comes to your eyebrows:

  1. The head of your eyebrows should begin at the bridge of your nose. To find the spots, try vertically holding a pencil up to either side of your nose bone.
  2. The arch of your eyebrows should be about two-thirds of the way out. Centered arch is a big no! It gives you the weird ‘rainbow’ shape.
  3. Never cut your eyebrows short. The tail should be at least at the end of imaginary line from the corner of your nose to the corner of your eyes. Don’t make the tail too long as it can make your eyes look droopy. The tails should taper to a crisp point to make ‘bright eyes’ illusion.

If you don’t want to trim your eyebrows, you can always use pencils or gels. Eyebrow pencil is recommended for those who have thin eyebrows, as it can help you to shape the desired eyebrow shape and colors. If you have thick eyebrow but don’t will to trim it, use eyebrow gel to make it tidier. Eyebrow gel will help the eyebrow hairs stay in its place and shaped beautifully.

I really hope this article can help you get the perfect eyebrow shapes for your face.

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