Health Emergency and Medical Care in Jakarta – A Personal Experience

Shyam Taparia

Mr Shyam Taparia is a finance professional and businessman. He is also the captain of the Bharat Badminton Club in Jakarta for over 2 decades. He is very fit and it was surprising that he recently had a sudden heart condition which required him to seek emergency medical help in Jakarta.

It is often believed that healthcare in Indonesia leaves much to be desired. However, Taparia ji’s personal experience gives us hope and lessons.

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  1. Please can you tell us briefly about yourself

I am Shyam Taparia, doing my own business in Indonesia. I am here since last 30 years. Started working in companies and later started my own. I am (gold medalist from Jodhpur University) and CA and ICWA. My two sons Siddharth and Rahul are also working here in Jakarta at Adani global and Tokopedia respectively

2. We understand that you had a recent medical incident. Please can you share what happened?

All were well till Morning of 25th July 2020, Saturday. It was badminton day and I started from home at 8.30am to reach court at 9am. Started game at 9 as usual and without any feeling of anything wrong. First game ended with a loss of game even though we were good team.  Started second game and again started losing in spite of good team again. In the middle of game, I felt that there is no stamina left to play further whereas normally we play continuously for 2 hours.  As soon as this game over, I felt that I am  sweating extra-ordinarily even though no action game at court and also started feeling a bit chest pain cum gastric problem.  Sensing something wrong left the court for home immediately without telling to anyone.  At home also took bath immediately but sweating and uneasiness continue.  At the point, I phoned to my family doctor and explained to him the problem. He advised to take some gastric medicine and ask me to call back if no improvement in next 15 minutes.  Since there was no improvement in 15 minutes, I called him again and he advised to go for ECG.

3. What was the chain of events?

My sons accompanied me for ECG at MMC, Jakarta for 2pm appointment. At 2pm, at MMC saw dr Lukman prof and senior most doctor of cardio. He took ECG and felt that something is wrong and felt the need angiography. But before that there was a procedure- treatment at Emergency, CT scan of lungs, Covid test, and various blood tests.

They cannot go ahead immediately without a negative Covid test; hence we have to wait till the outcome of Covid test. This result came next day evening. And after the result, they started angiography and there they found that one LED  need to put stent immediately and rest, even though there were blockage but no need of any treatment immediately.

After consent of family members, they put the stent. It was a painless 40-45 minutes treatment. Everything was done in a perfect manner.

For monitoring, they need 3-4 days hospitalization, which we agreed and finally released for home rest.  Since then things are improving and now after one month, I can say 80-85% of the problem is over AND as per doctor, it may take another month to say clearly that everything is over now

4. What is your opinion on the healthcare services in Indonesia?

As per my experience, health care service in Indonesia is also quiet good especially in emergency cases where we have no time and options. Important is that we should have faith in them and also more importantly make sure that there is no communication gap in explaining the problem and understanding their suggestions. As far as cost is concern, this is same as standard Hospitals in India. Important is that we must have proper insurance cover.

5. Any advice that you would like to share based on your experience?

My advice to all is:

  • Have a good medical insurance cover
  • Don’t postpone or wait to check up at India or Singapore. If emergency is there, please keep in touch with doctors in Indonesia. They are good and we should have faith in them
  • Keep exercising to keep such incidences away. Good habits keep you fit and healthy but still Body is unpredictable.

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