The Correct Step-by-Step Order to Apply Makeup – All 15 steps


Makeup can do wonders for the looks and confidence for a  person – it can freshen your face to increasing your sense of self confidence. However, makeup needs practice, in order for you to apply it correctly. Whether it may be your eyebrows, even skin tone or dark eye circles, makeup can cover everything to make you more confident to face the day.

After our 3 makeup workshops we have downloaded the 15 steps – yes 15 steps to makeup. How many of these steps and products do your use in your daily life? Do share in the comments below…

Here are the 15 steps to apply makeup:

1. Cleanse your face thoroughly

The first step is to clean the face. Oil and debris on your skin can make the makeup apply unevenly. As it is well known, grease in the skin is what makes foundation crack and fade after a few hours. This also ensures that your pores are clean before putting on makeup.

2. Apply Moisturizer

After cleaning your skin, it’s important to put on moisturizer on your skin. Moisturizer makes sure that your skin is evenly and properly hydrated. There will not be any dry spots and your skin will not grease up as much after few hours. Your skin is now prepped and ready for makeup.

3. Primer for long-lasting makeup

Apply a thin layer of primer for longer lasting makeup. Primer is meant to fill in the pores, which would smoothen the appearance of foundation, reduce oiliness which therefore makes the makeup last longer. Hydrating, mattifying, are just some of the primers that you can try for different effects.

4. Even your skin tone

Have uneven colored or pigmented skin? There are many choices that you can choose, from foundation, cc cream to bb cream. Your choice of makeup depends on the hour and time of the day-cc cream is more appropriate for the afternoon as it is lighter than BB cream. For heavy coverage, use foundation.

Tip: Apply a bit of foundation to your jawline to match the color to your skin tone.

5. Orange for the eyes

Before using concealer to cover your dark eye circles, using orange lipstick underneath will help conceal the color through color correction. Orange lipstick is therefore multi-functional for Indian skin tone to neutralise the blue veins under the eyes. It is an easy hack to cover your dark eye circles without piling on the concealer and making it look uber thick and unnatural.

Simply apply the orange lipstick in an upside down triangle below the eyes. Use foundation the same color to dab above the orange lipstick. Blend by dragging it down wards with hands or sponge.

6. Eyebrows

On-Fleek-Brows are possible, even with a gel mechanical pencil at hand. All you need to do is pick the color that suits your eyebrows the most, wiggle it in the empty spots and use a flat sharp brush to blend out the color naturally. An easy way to shape the eyebrows is to start from the highest point in your eyebrows to the edge of the eyebrows.

You can use both brown or black color, although brown color tends to look more natural on dark brows. For disproportionate brows, use foundation the same color to your skin to outline it.

7. Eyeshadow

You will need a blending brush and a flat or sponge brush for this. First, dip the blending brush in the darker color and swish it in the crease of your eye until blended. Afterwards, use a lighter color on the eyelid.

Finally, you can further emphasize the eye by blending the darker color on the bottom outer third of the eyelid using a thin brush.

8. Put Kajal or Eye Pencil

This is optional, but you can put kajal on the bottom waterline.

9. Eyeliner pen

Use the Lakme ‘Eyeconic Liner Pen’ to draw on the upper lash line.

10. Powder

Without powder, makeup can easily slip and slide off the face, even cracking to create that dreaded ‘cake face’. Mattify the face and make the makeup last longer by putting on some powder on the face.

11. Contouring

Contouring is meant to define the face. Put blush brush into the contouring powder and blend the colors on the face. Start by applying color from your ear to the edge of your lip for higher, sharper cheekbones. Define the rest of your face by swiping the contour powder in the shape of number 3, from the forehead, cheekbones to under the jawline.

12. Blush-On

Freshen that face by applying blush. Smile, blend some blush on the apples of the cheeks and upwards towards the contouring line. Your blush will seem natural, while also reducing chubbiness at the same time.

13. Glam it up

Amp the glam by applying the shimmer brick onto the cheeks and a bit to the chin.

14. Highlighter

Use some highlighter to further bring forth your features. You can use your fingers or brush to dab highlighter on the cheekbones and tip of nose.

15. Mascara

Make your eyes look wider and applying finishing touches by applying mascara on your eyes.

16. Lipstick

Makeup will not be complete without some lipstick on your face. Pick your lipstick color of choice and swipe some on.

Makeup has been known to create amazing transformations for someone. That heavily affects the psyche, in which people have become more confident in their daily or special occasions. All in all, people will become more ready to face the challenges.

What are the best makeup products that make you feel confident on a daily basis? Tell us your answer in the comment section below!