This Week on #Fun & #SelfCare: Hayu Maca Children’s Foundation, Treating Baby Blues Syndrome and Tips for Effortless Weekday Dinner Parties!


We are just one week into the fasting month! There is just two more weeks to go and a lot more fun in the future! As you have noticed, the air in the atmosphere is quite different during the fasting period of Ramadan. Enjoy the atmosphere a while more while catching up the top three things for this week.

Sit down, refresh your mind and find yourself in a better mood afterwards!

Hayu Maca

There are many clubs in Indonesia depending on interests, goals or the type of people you want to meet. Many of the clubs are meant to bring benefits to its members, not excluding this one on the list. This is particularly one of the most unique clubs called the ‘Hayu Maca’, a club where children are encouraged to read from an early age.

The activities in the weekends differ from storytelling session, coloring session, arts & crafts with quality books for the children to read. Each week, a member or volunteer will read out children’s stories; the arts & crafts session is particularly enjoyable for children as they could color, make poems and kirigami. Only held every Sunday each week, Hayu Maca is a fun club for children to spend their time. We guarantee they will have a fun and educative time while being in the club!

Hayu Maca Foundation

Address: Jl. H. Haris No.2K, Baros, Cimahi Tengah, Kota Cimahi, Jawa Barat 40521


Baby Blues Syndrome: Symptoms and Treatments

The birth of a child is one of the most anticipated timing in anyone’s life. The little bundle of joy brings happiness and hope to the parents. Yet children take a whole lives’ dedication with trials and tribunals in the middle.

It may even start from the moment the baby is born, where a mother can experience the baby blues. Baby blues can be characterized by feelings of sadness (the ‘blues’) when the baby is born. Stress, fatigue and exhaustion could push to mother to feel unloved, disoriented and maybe even a little jealous. Mothers will generally cry without a clear reason, easily angered, tires easily, gets offended, difficulty in rest and has no self confidence.

That is not to say that the symptoms cannot be cured. It can simply be done by giving more attention to the mother. Giving her love, attention and expressing gratitude can go a long way to easing the mental pain that they are going through. More help is even more appreciated for a tired mother-give her some me time and she will feel better afterwards.

The baby needs help and care, but a mother also needs to take care of herself to manage her responsibilities more.

“You have to take care of yourself before taking care of others” –Dr. Phil.

Tips for Easy, Effortless Dinner Party!

Dinner parties are an extraneous affair. There are many things to prepare from food, decoration, tableware, snacks and more! Holding a dinner party at weeknights can seem overwhelming and impossible. But with proper planning and preparation, you can still do it all!

First, you need to prepare anything the night before – whether it is sweeping the dusts from the shelves, straightening your books, preparing the wine or cooking the food for the dinner party. Doing this ensures that you will not be pressed for time and exhausted at d-day.

Second, as important is to set the mood and ambience of the room. Candles, lighting, music, furniture placement as some of the things that you can play around to create a friendly atmosphere for all your guests to enjoy yourself in.

Third, be particularly careful about the food you serve. Some tips we can give include creating a beautiful snack platter. We would also recommend cooking cuisine that is easier to cook such as pasta or pot dishes. Even for desserts, you can cut corners by preparing ice cream sundaes or a variety of cut fruit.  You can even cut down the dinners to just main course and dessert.