6 Effective Morning Habits to Lose Weight

6 Effective Morning Habits to Lose Weight: Check your weight

Losing weight is tough, as it requires several changes to your lifestyle. Creating some changes and not following through it once you lost weight will not be helpful, as you will gain back the weight. Some of these effective changes can be done in the morning, as it’s the important time when you start your day.

Here are some easy weight loss tips in the morning:

Check your weight

Checking your weight in the morning can be daunting, as you will be faced with the reality of your weight. But stepping on the scale in the morning can be an effective method to stay motivated. It will encourage you to watch what you eat throughout the day and make better choices. Weighing yourself once a week or at random times means that you will probably forget your weight goals of eating well and exercising.

Eat high protein breakfast

In your journey to weight loss, eating right is a big part of what will affect the results. Therefore, a heavy breakfast filled with protein can heavily affect your weight as well as how your day goes. This is because proteins are harder to digest, so you will be full longer which is ideal as you will be going through the day with the food you eat at breakfast. After working out, a protein-rich breakfast will also help in recovery.

We recommend getting plenty of protein and dietary fiber-rich foods like eggs, fresh fruits, nuts and seeds for breakfast. It’s also recommended that you get a boost of healthy carbohydrates, like oats, multigrain bread or muesli.

Start exercising

Start the day with a bang by exercising. It will help you burn calories and improve blood sugar levels too. Working out boosts your metabolism and produces endorphin for the body. Beginners can stretch, go for a walk, do some yoga or light-intensity exercises for at least 20 minutes in the morning. Once your body gets used to the exercise, opt to go to the gym or engage in some high-intensity exercises.

Plan your meals

The next step to your plan in losing weight is to plan your calorie intake throughout the day. You can do this by planning your meals, which can be easily done for a few minutes every morning. Grab a piece of paper (or you can do it in your head) and plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Making a meal plan will stop you from overeating and grabbing unhealthy foods throughout the day.

Drink water

Other than eating, drinking enough water is also another crucial aspect in your weight loss process. Drinking warm water, on the other hand, can kick-start your metabolism after it has slowed down at night. To add effectivity to the water, Ayurveda recommends adding lemon juice and honey. Otherwise, you can add apple cider vinegar. Know that whichever is your beverage of choice, you will have regular bowel movements and feel lighter and fresher after drinking two glasses of water in the morning.

Pack your lunch

Remember when we said plan your meals? The next step is to prepare the meals and bring lunch boxes rather than eating in a food joint or restaurant. We recommend getting proper main courses and include nutrient-dense, healthy foods. Pack salads, nuts, seeds, fresh fruits and baked vegetables for snacking. Doing this will prevent you from reaching for junk food when you are experiencing mid-day hunger pangs. Packing your own lunch and snacks you will also make you avoid eating fast food, consuming too many calories during the day and save money. One tips for efficiency is to pack your lunch and snacks the night before so you don’t have to rush to do so in the morning.

Have you made changes in the morning? Have you experienced any results? Share your experience in the comments section below!