6 Most Popular Indonesian Foods with Peanut Sauce

6 Most Popular Indonesian Foods with Peanut Sauce: Rujak Buah

There are many different types of Indonesian food from fried, boiled to grilled. But one of the most popular types of street food that anyone can enjoy is Indonesian food doused with peanut sauce. Surprisingly, there are numerous dishes with this variety of cooking. Try it out!

  1. Gado gado

Gado-gado is one of the popular peanut sauce dishes in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Gado-gado is made from vegetables that are boiled and mixed together. Then, the vegetables are doused with a special peanut sauce. When served, the gado-gado is topped with sliced eggs, boiled potatoes and crackers. The gado-gado seasoning is made from peanuts, lime leaves, brown sugar, coconut milk, tamarind juice and water. Sometimes there are also those who add chili to make it spicier.

  1. Ketoprak

Similar to gado-gado, ketoprak is also popular in Jakarta. Ketoprak generally contains rice cake or ketupat, boiled vermicelli, bean sprouts, and fried white tofu. Then, there are also complementary ingredients such as crackers and cucumber slices. Ketoprak seasoning is made from peanuts, boiled cayenne pepper, garlic, brown sugar, tamarind water, and tamarind. Serving is done by dousing the peanut sauce that has been mashed is into the ketoprak stuffing and then mixed. Ketoprak can be eaten for breakfast or dinner.

  1. Karedok

Karedok is suitable for those who love to eat raw vegetables. This popular dish in Sundanese land is made from raw vegetables mixed with peanut sauce. The types of vegetables used to make karedok are generally cabbage, long beans, bean sprouts, cucumber, basil leaves, and eggplant. Meanwhile, the sauce is made from peanuts, chili, kencur (aromatic ginger), garlic, brown sugar, and tamarind water.

  1. Siomay Bandung

Siomay Bandung is a dish inspired by Chinese shumai. The main ingredient to Siomay Bandung is mackerel fish. To serve, this dumpling is accompanied with boiled eggs, boiled cabbage, boiled tofu and potatoes. All the fillings are then arranged in one plate and doused with peanut sauce. This peanut sauce is made from ingredients such as peanuts, chilies and garlic.

  1. Batagor

Batagor is often equated with dumplings. But actually these two dishes are different, especially in the ingredients and how to cook them. Unlike the dumplings, which are boiled, the batagor stuffing is fried first. In addition, the stuffing of batagor is not as crowded as dumplings which only consists of meatballs and tofu. However, the peanut sauce for the batagor and dumplings is practically the same. Batagor is given a slice of lime when served so that the peanut sauce taste is fresher.

  1. Rujak Buah

Rujak buah is suitable to eat on a hot day. There are many fruits that can be used to make rujak, such as young mango, guava, cucumber or yam. There are two ways of serving rujak, namely the fruit is sliced or shaved. When served, rujak can actually be accompanied with a dip made of salt, brown sugar, ground cayenne pepper, and tamarind water.

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