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Why travel insurance and assistance? Many travelers fail to purchase travel insurance and assistance services which would cover the cost arising from a travel mishap...
kaushalam - India Club Talent Nite

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Show your talent and express your way.... India Club is bringing the most awaited talent nite "Kaushalam" in the month of September, A night of...
easy orange cake recipe

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Chocolate cakes are definitely a crowd pleaser and a go to for any birthday party. At a friend birthday dinner, there was a request...
Indian Restaurants in Bandung

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Although there are only a few Indian restaurants in Bandung , you can taste the authenticity of Indian cuisine at these restaurants in Bandung: Prabhu Curry If you’re...
Indian Restaurants in Surabaya

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The growing economic development has led to an inflow of diverse people from across the globe to Surabaya, the capital of east Java, including many...
A Taste of India in Medan, North Sumatera

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Medan has a an amazing culinary heritage. You don’t need to go to high-end restaurants to find delicious foods. Small street food vendors also...

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Malai Kofta

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Serves: 4 Time required: 20 minutes Ingredients : 2 no Boiled potatoes 100  gms Paneer 1 tsp Chopped green chili 25 gms Raisins ¼ cup Cornflour Oil for deep frying Salt to taste Gravy...
diwali festival

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Hindu Festivals Calendar 2015 Hindu festivals are celebrated as per the Hindu Calendar. This calendar depends on the movement of sun and moon so most...

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Your Card and PIN Protect your ATM card from damage by keeping it in a safe place - don't allow it to bend or be...

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Bahan-bahan: Untuk 5 porsi 400 g Keju parut 3 g Daun thyme (diiris) 3 g Bubuk mint 40 ml Minyak zaitun 1 bh Daun thyme Lada putih secukupnya Bahan untuk hiasan: Daun peterseli...
Deepika Padukone for Tarun Tahiliani at Delhi Fashion Week

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homemade butter

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MAKE BUTTER AT HOME Do you have a whole lot of cream (top layer of milk after boiling i.e. malai) piling up each day and...


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