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Recommended Dentists and Dental Clinics in Jakarta

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Dental health is a very important for everyone. However, finding a good dentist is quite a challenge. Sometimes the dentist is good yet he...
Guide to Raja Ampat

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Raja Ampat is probably one of the best destinations in Indonesia. The little islands covered with jungles, white sand beaches, and luminous turquoise waters...
DIWALLOWEEN 2016 (Jakarta's Annual Diwali Party)When Diwali Falls On Halloween

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DIWALLOWEEN 2016 (Jakarta's Annual Diwali Party) - When Diwali Falls On Halloween EarlyBird Tix Out Now @ 500 K (Limited) Info & Rsvp 08 111 94 999...
Jaali Waali Chicken Fry by Shabana Akbany

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Jaali  Waali Chicken  Fry or Talii Huii  Murgii by Shabana Akbany - a really flavorsome fried chicken recipe which is a crowd pleaser. Ingredients: 1 1/2 kg...
#Restaurant Review: Koh-e-noor

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Our Restaurant Review journey continues with another Indian restaurant Koh E Noor, an Indian and Pakistan restaurant, located at Plaza Festival Kuningan, Jakarta. There...
#RestaurantReview: VMAD Vegetarian Madness Sunter

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Here is our review of VMAD (Vegetarian Madness) Restaurant in Sunter, North Jakarta. This restaurant has been famous among vegetarians for its international vegetarian menu...

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Things You Need to Know about Museum Bank Indonesia

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Museum Bank Indonesia (Bank Indonesia Museum) is one of the museums located in Kota Tua area, Central Jakarta. As its name implies, it is...

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One of the best things about Indonesia are its amazing arts and handicrafts. Each province of Indonesia has its own distinctive characteristics which is reflected in the...

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When was the last time you organized your office work space? If you’ve had extra effort to find important documents on your desk, its a...
Reiki Master Sangeeta Jaggia

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On meeting her for the first time, she comes across as a very intelligent but modest person whose very presence puts you at ease....

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1. Take time to play. No matter how difficult life gets, kids know when to take a break. Grown ups need them too! 2.Know when...

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Translator: Rajat Das Gupta A few leaves from the letters/diaries of Rabindra Nath TagoreNobel Laureate 1913 Literature of Tagore along with his songs is a vast...


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