heart attack

The 10 Best Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

Years of research have been unable to completely explain the cause of heart disease, also called atherosclerosis or "hardening of the arteries." However, multiple...
head lice

Head lice: Diagnosis, treatment, and outcome

Head lice infestations are a common problem in infants and children, even in those who practice good hygiene and frequent hair washing. Lice only...
Indian Home Remedies

Indian Home Remedies

At the first sign of cold, cough or sore throat the following concoction never fails to work. Boil some tulsi (basil) leaves, a few...

Schizophrenia – Symptoms, Facts on Causes and Treatment

"Why did it have to be her? One with hallucinations & delusions to me each moment seemed endless, as she sunk into the deep...
Alcohol Hangover

What is a Alcohol hangover? How to prevent a hangover?

Despite our best intentions, once in a while we all consume a little more alcohol than we should. The result is that inevitable hangover...

Depression – Causes, Medications, Symptoms and Therapies

Detection Depression can seize hold as a result of a serious illness or loss, but it can also appear without any apparent cause. It's a...
family doctor

How to Choose Your Pediatrician and Family Doctor

Whether you're a first-time mom looking for a pediatrician or a family headed for a new city, finding a doctor can be frustrating. Where...
heat wave

Heat Stroke/Exhaustion

What is it? This occurs when the body's normal cooling mechanisms become overwhelmed by the combination of heat and dehydration. This allows for the body...

Different Types of Vaccines

BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin) medhe BCG vaccine protects against Tuberculosis (TB). The bacterium that causes TB is spread in infected droplets when the infected person coughs...

How Good is Your Posture?

Good posture can help you in ways you may not have thought of--with better looks, a stronger self-image, and even better health. While some...