Extend the Longevity of Flowers

How to Extend Longevity of Floral Arrangements

Keep the flower arrangements fresh and beautiful for longer. Here are some tips and techniques that work. 1. Keep the vase filled or floral form...

7 Steps to Tackling your Bad Habits

There is always something that we want in our lives; whether it is to become more extroverted, mentally healthier, lose weight, spontaneous or productive....

6 Easy Wall Art Inspirations for Your Home

Looking to refresh the look of your home? Then you can definitely try out these wall art inspirations that you can make on your own....

6 Ways to Bring More Gratitude Into Our Life

Wherever we are in life, it is crucial that we show gratitude to the blessings we have. It may not be easy, but being...

The Value of Minimalism in Your Everyday Life

The minimalist lifestyle requires that we live simply, live intentionally and keep moving forward. These three mottos are the driving mottos behind the minimalist...

5 Things You Need To Do During the ‘New Normal’

Normally, we would be going through our day and become busy with our errands, chores or jobs. But as the #NewNormal is coming up,...
What to bring for the ‘New Normal’ Starter Kit?

What to bring for the ‘New Normal’ Starter Kit?

As the era of #NewNormal us upon us, we must get ready to face it. However, in order to face it we must be...

5 Eco-Friendly Online Shops for Cloth Face Masks

The New Normal is going to change our habits and the way we do things on a daily basis. One of the things that...

9 Quick Tricks for Improving Your Memory

Do you have trouble remembering the names of people you've just been introduced to? Are you spending at least 20 minutes every day searching...
The Celebration of Father’s Day

Celebrating Father’s Day

Father’s Day this year falls on Sunday, June 21 2020 Father’s Day acknowledges the contribution of fathers to their beloved families, as well as to...
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