Living in Indonesia

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10 Exciting Things To Do at Bogor

10 Exciting Things To Do in Bogor

Spending the weekdays in Jakarta with the traffic, air pollution, and all the rush seems so stressful. That is why many Jakartans opt to...
12 different types of Satay

Sate Nusantara: 12 Famous Satay from Indonesia

This is probably the most popular Indonesian dish: chicken, lamb or beef chunks in skewers, grilled, and topped with peanut sauce - satay (or...
Indian Restaurants in Jakarta

40 Indian Restaurants in Jakarta and Counting…

The most enjoyable way to learn more about the Indian culture is through a gastronomic journey of Indian food. Indian food is a very...

The Best Places and Websites to Buy Beauty Products in Jakarta

You no longer have to go abroad for buying imported cosmetics and beauty products. In the 'Big Durian', there are many beauty store options...
A Guide to Mobile Internet Plans in Indonesia

A Guide to Mobile Data Plans in Indonesia

We must admit that mobile internet or data plan is a part of our monthly budget. What started out as a tertiary need is...

11 Types of Batik Patterns You Must Know

Batik is an important part of Indonesian culture. It contains cultural significance, as it is deeply embedded into the everyday lives and contains symbolisms...
7 Recommended Factory Outlets to Visit in Bandung

7 Recommended Factory Outlets to Visit in Bandung

If you have been to Bandung over a weekend, it seems like an exodus of large busloads of people shopping for latest fashion at...

10 Must-try Indonesian Snacks

Indonesia is has a diverse and rich culture. Each province has its unique custom, language, traditional clothes, even the dishes and snacks. We cannot...