Demystifying Coffee Luwak

Demystifying Coffee Luwak

Coffee luwak, also known locally as kopi luwak, has become as much a part of the tourist shopping experience in Indonesia. According to Wikipedia,...

New Expatriate Work Regulations in Indonesia – Updated

Ministry of Manpower Regulation 35/2015  1. General purpose of controlling foreign workers: To protect the Indonesian labor market, to ensure that Indonesians can work in their...
D'Bollywood Restaurant Jakarta

Fun Awaits You at D’Bollywood

Greeting  from D’ Bollywood! It was entirely due to your loving and continuous support that Dapur Bollywood - your friendly high quality Indian food supplier,...

Indonesian Independence Day 17th August: Dirghayu Indonesia

On August 17, 1945, Indonesia declared its independence from Netherlands. This declaration of independence was met with vehement opposition from the Dutch rulers, and...
Brahma Kumaris

Bramha Kumari Centers in Indonesia

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, (Brahma Kumaris in short) is a unique Vishwa Vidyalaya ( university ) and a well known spiritual value...
Bharat Club Bandung

Bharat Club: Indian Community in Bandung

  EVENTS IN BANDUNG In early 1980s some of the Indian expatriates in Bandung namely Mr. Y L Bhat, Dr. Prakash Shastri, Mr. Vinod Laroya and...
Camera Dealers in Jakarta

Camera Dealers in Jakarta

Nama Dealer Alamat No.Telp No.Fax E-mail Kotaraya Foto & Video Glodok Plaza Shopping Center Lt.Dasar No.70-71 (021) 62302697 (021) 62302687 Mall Mangga Dua Lantai Dasar No.6 (021) 62301190 / 6120183 (021) 6127553 Aneka Foto Pasar Baru Metro...
English-Indonesian real estate words and phrases

English-Indonesian real estate words and phrases

Looking When reading the property classifieds looking for a house or apartment to buy or to rent, some terms may be unfamiliar - here...
Managing Last Rites in Indonesia

Managing Last Rites in Indonesia

This is article has been written with the inputs from Dr Kiran Shah and Mr Amith Baxi. Step 1: Death Certificate: Get a Doctor’s certified Certificate...

Numbers in case of an emergency in Indonesia

Below are listings for police, fire, flood control, hospitals and other important emergency phone numbers in Jakarta. Emergency Services Police 110 Fire 113 Ambulance 118 Electrical Faults 123 Directory Assistance...