4 Pedestrian Friendly Cities in Indonesia


Nowadays it’s so easy to go anywhere in Indonesia, thanks to the improvement of public transportation and those ride-hailing apps. It’s also so easy to buy vehicles like motorbikes or car, thanks to installment facilities provided by the dealers. In short, there are fewer and fewer pedestrians walking on the sidewalks in Indonesia. And this is a fact!

A recent study conducted by researchers from Stanford University in the United States reveals that Indonesians walk an average of 3,513 steps daily. This number is way below the global average of 5,000 steps per day, making Indonesians the world’s laziest people when it comes to walking.

The fact that many Indonesians are lazy to walk is not merely caused by their ability to purchase their own vehicles or using ride-hailing apps. It’s also caused by the lack of proper sidewalks in major city in Indonesia, including Jakarta.

Sidewalks in certain area in Jakarta are well kept and friendly for pedestrians, however there are also many that cannot function properly. These sidewalks are those used by street vendors and even worse, motorcycle riders. Not to mention the sidewalks that have been under constructions for God knows how long.

Thankfully there are other cities in Indonesia that really concern on the pedestrians, thus improving and developing proper sidewalks that are comfortable to walk on. Here are four pedestrian-friendly cities in Indonesia:


Source: kompasiana.com

Just like its tagline, Solo really reflects what it’s called as the spirit of Java. The people are humble and down-to-earth, and the city itself is rich in culture. One of the best things about Solo, especially for pedestrians, is the City Walk. City Walk in Solo refers to 4 km long sidewalk that is located on the southern part of Jalan Slamet Riyadi, from Purwosari Train Station to Gladag roundabout. The pavement is around 3 meters wide and it’s so leafy, thanks to the lush trees. In some areas there are also comfortable park bench so walkers can sit and enjoy the view around the road.

Along the City Walk, there are some interesting sights to see, such as Omah Lowo, Rel Bengkong, Solo Grand Mall, Loji Gandrung, Radya Pustaka Museum, and Danar Hadi Batik Museum.


What makes Surabaya attractive to travelers is the fact that it’s a modern-day metropolis with skyscrapers that are standing against colonial mansions and canals. Exploring Surabaya by walking is also not impossible, as sidewalks in Surabaya are well-kept enough and friendly for pedestrians.

You can enjoy walking while exploring some tourist attractions in Surabaya. You can start by walking along Kota Tua Surabaya to Jembatan Merah and straight to Tugu Pahlawan.


Bukittinggi is one of the cities in West Sumatera. It is also famous as the location of Jam Gadang, the London’s Big Bang lookalike. The cool weather and breeze are perfect to enjoy the day walking around the city, while also exploring the famous tourist attractions. It’s not surprising that there are many travel agents offer walking tour in Bukittinggi.

You can start from Museum Rumah Kelahiran Bung Hatta in Jalan Soekarno-Hatta. The museum is located near the main road, so it’s easy to find. After that, you can go straight to Tangga 40, or also known among local people as Janjang 40. You can climb the stairs, and enjoy the view of Bukittinggi from the peak of Janjang 40. Other tourist attractions that you can visit by walking are Taman Marga Satwa dan Budaya Kinantan, Benteng Fort de Kock, and Pasar Ateh.


This city has many spots that are friendly for pedestrians. In fact, the best way to enjoy Yogyakarta is by waking, especially to explore Malioboro.

Along Jalan Malioboro, you can walk comfortably not only on the sidewalks but also on its secondary road. Motorcycles and cars are parked neatly in designated parking spots, so it won’t take pedestrian spaces. Aside Malioboro, you can also walk around other tourist destinations like Kraton, Tamansari, and Kotagede.