5 Fitness Trends to Look Out for in 2020


Fitness is something that you must do in order to keep yourself healthy. However, at times there are times when you don’t feel like exercising yourself. These new fitness trends in 2020 may be suitable for you, as they add fun and excitement to your fitness experience.

Here are the 5 fitness trends of 2020 you can try:

Group Training

Although it’s not a new trend, group training will continue to be the top fitness trend of 2020. Rather than going for a happy hour at the bar, Millenials and Generation Z have been said to prefer socializing at the gym. There are numerous benefits to this; it increases team bonding, productivity and improves culture at the same time. With 80% of them consisting of the total of gym memberships, it’s no surprise it has become a trend. Gym studios are also embracing this trend with a multitude of various classes such as trampoline or spin class.

Fitness Combined with Mindfulness

Fitness has been seen as the go-to method to relieve stress. That has been effective, for studies even show that physical activity has the power to relieve anxiety and reduce stress levels in the body. The trend for 2020 elevates that, in which mindfulness is also included to help manage stress levels for gym participants. Mindfulness practice has even proven to help manage anxiety and even depression. With the knowledge that we can use both mindfulness and exercise to help ease stress, people are now looking to harness both techniques. Therapies that are expected to rise include cryotherapy, meditation, breathing, massages and flotation tanks.

Yoga Hybrids

The effects of yoga vary from lower levels of depression and anxiety, to stretching and strengthening the muscles in our body. 2020 sees the addition to that, in which the benefits of yoga is added with HIIT. Your muscles will then be stretched, coupled with sharp bursts of intensity. This ensures that all of your muscles and movements will be used and moved to its full extent.

Training all day long

Training in 30-60 minute sessions have been the regular for many of us. However, 2020’s latest trend will be to cut up the time to 10 minute sessions. For instance, the practitioner will do yoga the moment he/she wakes up, goes for a walk at noon and finally ends the day with 10 minutes of strength training in the evening. It’s a sure thing that training this way is easier to integrate into your daily routine compared to doing it at 30-60 minute increments.


Technology has been so sophisticated nowadays, that it can be integrated into many parts of our daily lives. It includes the fitness parts of our daily lives. For that reason, wearables are thought to become a trend in 2020. Wearables will not only inform us of our condition, but also has the potential to upgrade out fitness to a whole new level from improve exercise efficiency, develop healthy lifestyles, manage chronic diseases and ultimately, increase quality of life.

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