8 Ways to Get Over a Fitness Burnout


Exercise is one known to be the best way to reduce stress. This cardinal rule has been mentioned by doctors and life gurus all around the world. Be aware and be more careful when your body starts to exhibit signs of burnout like fatigue, insomnia, decreased performance, mood changes and many more. Although it is said to be healthy and beneficial to exercise, going overboard can put a strain on our body and more stressed than we originally were.

Here are eight ways to get over a fitness burnout:

Use stress to your advantage

Stress is a part of everyday life. There will always be problems no matter in which aspect it is in your life. When exercises also stress you out to a certain extent, any form of exercise seems unbearable. Why not use the stress towards reaching your goals? Give it all you’ve got to while exercising and feel the stress melt away with every move you make.

Remember that fitness is a practice

Everyone needs to remember that like anything in life, fitness is a skill that must be learned. If you are not seeing the results you want from your practice, don’t give up. Keep practicing and learn the methods properly. It is only through this way that you can achieve your goals. Take a break if you have to, but continue your routine practice sessions. Your persistence will be rewarded as you become better and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Find time to meditate

As it has been said in the beginning, not all exercises are relaxing. Some may even cause stress to the person. If high-intensity workouts such as running, lifting or cycling are too stressful for you, there are other ways to channel that frustration. Try to find some time to meditate and calm your nerves before you head back to your workout routine.

Give yourself some slack

In the middle of trying to reach your fitness goals, you may end up being stressed whenever you try to exercise. Although this might go against your goals in the first place, we advise you to take a break and do what your heart desires. Eat that that delicious cake you’ve been eyeing or drink a fulfilling glass of wine. Whatever it maybe that causes you stress, do it. It’s important that you must not go overboard, but cheating a little will provide you the relief you need.

Get a workout buddy

One of the ways to make the workouts you go through easier is to get a workout buddy. Research has shown that exercising with your friend can give you a lot of benefits. Not only will you be more motivated while working out but they can even motivate you to achieve during your workout session. Friends also act as instant de-stressors when you are feeling frustrated.

Do what you love

Although you know the benefits of going to an exercise class, the truth is it stresses you out. Meanwhile, the main focus of exercising is to have fun and relieve your stress. Listen to your instincts and try to find an exercise that is more exciting for you. That way, exercising will become more enjoyable but you will also get your dose of exercise.

Give your body what it craves

Unbeknownst to you, your body may be suffering from the strain that you put it through on a daily basis. If you are someone who sits on the table or stares at the screen all day, then consider your body when choosing the exercise. Choose exercises that focus on hips, shoulders or your back. Another thing that you can do is alternate the type of exercises to focus on different body parts. Even with the daily stress that you put it through, we guarantee you will feel different and so much better.

Drop the data

The use of technology has helped us in almost every aspect of our lives. From travelling, working and even to the way we communicate! It is therefore no surprise that technology has even started to help our exercise pursuits. However, numbers and data on technology starts to become more stressful as people will solely focus on it.

Our first tip is to turn off the numbers that appear in your exercise machine. Second, focus more on your gut feeling and go according to the rhythms of your body. You will also be less likely to push yourself to the brink and reduce the stress of trying to reach a certain level.

Exercise brings you a lot of benefits like reduced stress, improving body function, increase energy levels and much more. Despite that, too much can put a strain to your body and reverse the benefits that you have received. Lessen the burnout by trying the above tips and return to your workout routine more refreshed and invigorated. We guarantee that you will see a much better improvement!

Do you have any additional tips when experiencing a burnout? Tell us in the comments section below!