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stretch marks

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Stretch marks are whitish-bluish streaks or stripes on the skin, usually caused by stretching of the skin from weight gain or loss, and also during pregnancy....

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Every woman is beautiful. But it doesn’t mean that we no need to take care of our beauty. Treat yourself a good beauty treatment...
7 Cool Restaurants You Must Visit in Bogor

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Bogor has been known and dubbed as the City of Rain. It is not surprising that the weather in this city is cooler than...
Jakarta Lakshmi Utsavamoorthy 8th Annual Utsavam, May 14 - 15, 2016

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SrI: The 8th Jakarta Lakshmi Utsavamoorthy Thayar Annual Utsavam will be celebrated as follows:May 14, 2016 Saturday Morning 6.15 am to 10.30 am Evening 6.30 pm to...
Running Communities in Jakarta

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Running is one of the cheapest and easiest exercise to do every day — you only courage and time. And the best thing about running...

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Sadhu Vaswani Center, Jakarta organized Yoga@beach on Saturday, 30th April, 2016. The benefits of yoga are known worldwide and the practitioners and so is the...

Random Articles

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Selecting an ArchitectMost people who build their homes in India do not hire an architect. Those who do discontinue the services during the course...
Mango Fool

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Ingredients :Juice of 4 lemons 12 tbsp. sugar 4 pinches saffron 8 tbsp. mango juice mango slices crushed iceDirections :Mix all ingredients with 4 cups of water. Serve with crushed...
Jakarta Bengali Association (JABA)

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has been in existence for more than 25 years now and has approximately 75 families as members. Our forthcoming events for this year include...
Ganesha Ek Sanskriti

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An exclusive ambiance created for a superior hospitality offering an authentic North Indian cuisine with ethnicity for your business and family dinning. We offer...
Games For A Ride

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Children and long journeys by car never mix very well. I don't know how many times I heard my children ask, "How much further...

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Ingredients:2 cups plain flour (maida) 1 tbsp. Ghee 1/4 tsp. Ajwain seeds Salt according to taste Warm water to make dough Ghee for deep fryingDirections:Blend together maida and salt,...


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