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Jamu: Indonesian Herbal Medicine Heritage

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You will often see women wearing  a kebaya and long batik skirt with a huge bamboo basket full of bottles of drink on her...

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Javanese cultural heritage is inseparable from Wayang.Wayang is a theatrical performance with puppets or human dancer. The puppet could be made of leather (which perform...
Bollywood Voice Duet and Dance Competition: an Event Update

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Besides the Bollywood Voice Indonesia contest in 8 major cities in Indonesia, KC Productions also held Bollywood Voice Duet and Dance Competition on Saturday...
Learn about Indonesia in Museum Jakarta

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From shopping experiences to educational activities, the Big Durian, Jakarta has it all. But no visit to Jakarta can be complete without a visit to...
Coping with Homesickness

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Are you a newcomer to Indonesia?Moving abroad could be a very exciting experience. You will live in a completely different place from your home country,...
Why You Should Keep Your LinkedIn Profile (Even If You Have a Job)

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LinkedIn might not be the social networking sites you access everyday (like Facebook or Twitter), but admit it, it is one of the social...

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10 Most Exotic Beaches in Indonesia

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‘Life is a beach and enjoy the waves’.Put simply for many people Indonesia is the beach. With some 17,000 islands stretching between two tropical...
food diet

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You pigged out. You gained weight. Here's how you undo the damage and make sure those pounds don't become permanent.One huge meal can wipe...
Sambal Pencit Recipe

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Did you ever imagine slices of sour mango combined with extra hot Sambal Terasi? It will create an amazing flavor for sure!Sambal Pencit or...

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I know it's a tough ask exercising the day after a tough session in the gym or an intense game. But doing a light...
Alcohol Hangover

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Despite our best intentions, once in a while we all consume a little more alcohol than we should. The result is that inevitable hangover...
Dr Kiran Bedi

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It was an amazing session in Jakarta with Dr Kiran Bedi, voted as India's most admired (THE WEEK 2002), most trusted woman in India....


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