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In July 2008, a formal group was formed on the initiative of some Jain families with the objective providing a collective social platform for...
#MustTry: Snacks from Bandung, West Java

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Many people would agree that Bandung is one of the food capitals in Indonesia. It is also the ‘birthplace’ of many funky, trendy, and...
One Day in Bandung

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The most essential question for a weekend: where to go this weekend? In Jakarta alone, there are many things you can visit, see, or do during...

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What is in your mind when you land for the first time in Jakarta? As you hover over Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, you may see the thick dark...

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Why travel insurance and assistance? Many travelers fail to purchase travel insurance and assistance services which would cover the cost arising from a travel mishap...
kaushalam - India Club Talent Nite

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Show your talent and express your way.... India Club is bringing the most awaited talent nite "Kaushalam" in the month of September, A night of...

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yoga for eyes

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Try these eye exercises taken from Vasanthi´s "Yoga For Eyes" Video. They can be practiced anytime of the day even while taking a half...
Masala Kulcha

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Stuff Potato Bread prepared by mixing ghee and curd with white flour Ingredients : For the Kulcha : 300 gm Maida( All purpose flour OR white flour) 1/2...
chicken nugget

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Shake-It-Up Chicken Nuggets Serves 4; 4 nuggets per serving Chicken nuggets are usually deep-fried in hot oil to give them a crusty coating. But all that...

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When we discuss about food from West Sumatera, Rendang and Nasi Padang probably will pop in our mind first, as these are the highlights...

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By Poonam Sagar: Yet another school year and a pile of freshly covered new notebooks to start off. What about the unused pages from...
Things You Need to Know about Museum Bank Indonesia

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Museum Bank Indonesia (Bank Indonesia Museum) is one of the museums located in Kota Tua area, Central Jakarta. As its name implies, it is...


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