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Hidden Natural Tourist Attractions in West Java

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Since it’s just a few hours’ drive from Jakarta, West Java often becomes holiday destination for Jakartans. People usually visit two main cities with...
of auspicious news

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For Bengalis, any celebration is incomplete without the customary 'sandesh' to round it up with. So much so that people in Dhaka, Bangladesh, like...
7 Must-try Indonesian Traditional Rice Dishes

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As a home to diverse culture and traditions, you can see the colors of Indonesia through its cuisine. The diversity is astounding, even the staple...

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Its rainy season in Indonesia. However, rainy season does not mean it will rain every day. Due to climate change, it is possible to have...
Quips & Quotes from Temp English

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Quips & Quotes - Sept 27, 2016 A Capital Race It’s official! Three tickets have been registered to run in the February 2017 Jakarta governors’...
Together We Can Make A Difference

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Ambassadors of Hope (AOH) is a group of Indian Expat women in Jakarta who have been serving the community in many meaningful ways, contributing...

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Fingernails can reveal so much about your health and lifestyle. Nails are made from tough keratin protein, taking many different shapes. Normal healthy fingernails curve...
Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

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What is it? Hand foot and mouth disease is caused by a virus. It usually affects children under 10 years but can occur in...
Kabi Paksha (Poet’s fortnight: Remembering Rabindranath Tagore

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9th May 2015 this year happens to coincide with 25th Baishakh 1422 of the Bengali calendar which is the 154th Birth anniversary of Tagore....

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About 10 million people of Indian origin live in Mauritius, Fiji, Trinidad and in other commonwealth countries to which their ancestors had migrated during...
Security Tips

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  TIPS FOR THE FAMILY AT HOME Restrict possession of house keys. Ensure all entrances and windows are locked at all times. Use your alarm, especially when you...

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Prison SMART Foundation, Inc. provides tools and techniques to American's youth at risk to empower them to change the pattern of criminal and violent...


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