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Pamper Yourself in Indonesia

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Here are delightful and fun ways to pamper yourself, at very reasonable prices in Indonesia. Day in the Salon ‘Creambath’ is a traditional hair spa...

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It will soon be Valentine’s Day and people are having a good time with their lovers. If you’re single, maybe this will make you...
No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake

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Ingredients: 28 oz (800g) digestive biscuits/tea biscuits 1 cup (100g) nuts (walnuts/ hazelnuts) – chopped and toasted Chocolate Syrup: 1 cup (200g) sugar ½ cup (60g) unsweetened...

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The stunning site of Indonesia’s Borobudur Temple allows you to witness a combination of natural beauty, spirituality, history and culture. Those who have seen Borobudur...

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As a maritime country, Indonesia has rich seafood products. The combination of fresh seafood and signature Indonesian recipes is indeed undeniable for seafood lovers.  For...

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Special 35% off only for Indoindians. Join the Imlek Gala Dinner on the 7th Feb 2016 at Merlynn Park Hotel Jakarta. There are 4 packages...

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Relaxation after a busy day is a real challenge for many business owners. Tiredness causes mistakes, inattention, frustration and disorganisation; in turn prompting more...
Restaurant Addresses in Jakarta

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  PADMANADI KomplekMitra Bahari, Jl. Pakin No. 1 BlokA No.11A,Pluit North Jakarta Phone: 662 5231, 662 5132   CITRA RASA Gedung Pluit Bakery, Jl. Pluit Kencana Raya nO. 106 - 110 Phone : 669...

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34. Poem: 'Prasna' (Question) of the book 'Parishash' (At End) written in the year 1932 O Lord, from age to age The saints carried Thy message To...
managemnt skill for child

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MY PLACE FOR THINGS Place a good size cardboard box near the front door or in your child's room. Encourage your child to decorate it....

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The islands of the Indonesian archipelago stretch almost 5000km (3100mi) from the Asian mainland into the Pacific Ocean. Richly endowed with natural resources and...

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Fire plan A rough plan of the house should be drawn with escape routes marked Each member of the family and household staff should know their...



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