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7 Must-try Indonesian Traditional Rice Dishes

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As a home to diverse culture and traditions, you can see the colors of Indonesia through its cuisine. The diversity is astounding, even the staple...

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Its rainy season in Indonesia. However, rainy season does not mean it will rain every day. Due to climate change, it is possible to have...
Quips & Quotes from Temp English

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Quips & Quotes - Sept 27, 2016 A Capital Race It’s official! Three tickets have been registered to run in the February 2017 Jakarta governors’...
Together We Can Make A Difference

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Ambassadors of Hope (AOH) is a group of Indian Expat women in Jakarta who have been serving the community in many meaningful ways, contributing...
Bali Underwater Scooter

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A great vacation with your loved ones, whether it’s with your family or friends, contains two main things: exciting activities which everybody can join; and...
#WheretoEat: Best Pasta in Jakarta

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Most of us are familiar with at least one type of Italian food, whether it’s pizza, pasta, or cheese. Italian food has become a part...

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Our featured download of the week is an anti-spam program which can be downloaded for free for a 30-day trial. This is a shareware...
Vanitaa Bhatia, The Founder of DIVAlicious

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DIVAlicious Pop-Up Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition will be held for the first time in Jakarta on 15th and 16th September 2016. The event has...
Diwali Puja

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Laxmi Puja is an important ritual during Diwali or Deepavali. There were numerous queries on how to do Laxmi Puja at home? There is...
Cucumber Juices

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Cucumbers are amazing vegetables for juicing. The skin of cucumbers are composed of many important minerals like silica. Silica is important for our connective...
7 Cool Restaurants You Must Visit in Bogor

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Bogor has been known and dubbed as the City of Rain. It is not surprising that the weather in this city is cooler than...
How to Recognize the Signs of Arthritis

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Arthritis is an inflammation of the joint. The most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis, a non-inflammatory degeneration of the joint, followed by rheumatoid...


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