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Coping with Homesickness

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Are you a newcomer to Indonesia?Moving abroad could be a very exciting experience. You will live in a completely different place from your home country,...
Why You Should Keep Your LinkedIn Profile (Even If You Have a Job)

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LinkedIn might not be the social networking sites you access everyday (like Facebook or Twitter), but admit it, it is one of the social...
Rohit Babbar, the Man behind JNICC Jakarta

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Recently, Indoindians had a chance to have an interview with Rohit Babbar, SS (Culture) & Acting Director of Jawaharlal Nehru Indian Culture Center (JNICC)...
Food Testing at Zanas Restaurant Jakarta

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On 16th May 2016, Indoindians had a chance to join food testing at Zanas Restaurant Jakarta.“Zanas” is an Indian restaurant that is located in Kemayoran,...
Interview with Rita Tekchand, Owner of Zanas Restaurant

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After done the undoubtedly pleasant (and delicious) food tasting during Zanas Media Launch, we also had a chance to talk with Rita Tekchand, the...
10 Ways to Improve Self-esteem

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Do you feel like a failure? Or do you just don’t feel good about yourself? Watch out—those are a few symptoms of low self-esteem.In psychology,...

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Sweet Eggplant Stew

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Ingredients : Makes 4 servings 1 lb. eggplant (terong) 4 tbs. vegetable oil 1 tbs. shallots (bawang merah) 1 clove garlic, sliced ½ cup water 1 tbs. sweet soy sauce ½ tsp....

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WhatsApp has become the number one instant messaging application for smartphones, thanks to its simple yet effective and free (when used over Wi-Fi) platform....
The Diet That Must Be Followed Exactly

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The Diet That Must Be Followed ExactlyDay 1 Day 2Day 3Breakfast 1 piece of toast 2 tbs. Peanut butter 1/2 grapefruit coffee or teaBreakfast 1 piece of toast 1 egg 1/2 banana coffee...
Tackle Compulsive Shopping

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Plan your buying. Go shopping only when you have fixed both your budget and the items you need. Before you buy anything, ask yourself if...
Gift Wrapping for Kids

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Fun wrapping for kids : Kids love to wrap so let them! If you live where it's warm do this outside, otherwise do it in the...
Let’s add seaweed to our daily diet

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Seaweed is as the name suggests is edible algae of various species that grows in the ocean. Seaweed is very rich in nutrients, especially...


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