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It’s the last week of Nov 2018 and soon it will be the holiday season. Indonesia Finding your perfect destination has never been this easy.  Look around the boundless beauty of Indonesia to plan your dream holiday!

Our newsletter this week features beaches, remote destinations, to natural wonders, there are choices for every type of vacation you prefer.

Chinmaya Family Jakarta presents four days Insightful talks in English by Swami Mitrananda from 21-24 Nov and Annual Balaji Bramotsavam Nov 22-24 at Pluit temple, Jakarta.

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Indonesia Economic Forum 2018 - Connecting Indonesia: A New Five Year Agenda
Connecting Indonesia: A New Five Year Agenda 
The key priorities for the nation over the next five years. 


Wednesday, 21 November 2018
08:00 hrs – 18:00 hrs
Hotel Shangri-La, Jakarta


Pricing & Booking Your Seat
Special Partner Ticket Price: Rp.1.200.000 per delegate 
(normal price Rp1.500.000)
Please register at
The Program & Speakers
The Path Ahead for Indonesia
Prabowo Subianto; Founder Gerindra Party and Presidential Candidate
Moderator: Shoeb Kagda, Founder, Indonesia Economic Forum


ASEAN In The New Asian Paradigm 
Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim, Founder and Chairman, People’s Justice Party
Moderated by Shoeb Kagda, Founder, Indonesia Economic Forum


Key Economic Priorities for the Government: 2019-2024    
Luhut Pandjaitan, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs, RI
Moderated by James W Castle, Chairman & Founder Castle Asia


Navigating Global Uncertainty: Threats to Growth
Thomas Lembong, Chairman, Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board, RI


Driving Economic Growth Through Syariah Economy
KH Ma’ruf Amin, Vice Presidential Candidate, Rais ‘Aam Syuriah, Pengurus Besar
Nahdlatul ‘Ulama dan Ketua Umum Majelis Ulama Indonesia
Moderated by Dr. Ilham A. Habibie, Chairman National ICT Council


Connecting Indonesia: Creating New Growth Hubs
Sumit Dutta, President Director PT HSBC Indonesia


The Importance of Boosting Start-Ups in Job Creation
Sandiaga Uno, Vice Presidential Candidate, Former Vice Governor Jakarta  DKI
Moderated by Sachin V. Gopalan, Co-Founder Indonesia Economic Forum


Building a Digital Jawa Barat, Indonesia’s High Growth Province
Ridwan Kamil, Governor, Jawa Barat Province, RI


Improving Indonesia’s Competitiveness in the Global Era (TBC) 
Gita Wirjawan, Founder & Chairman, Ancora Group, Former Trade Minister RI


Elections 2019: Impact on The Economy
Shinta Widjaja Kamdani, Vice Chairman APINDO;
Fauzi Ichsan, CEO, Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS);
Nico Purnomo Po, President Director, Pollux Properties
Raj Kannan,  Partner, Deloitte Consulting, South East Asia
Moderated by George Iwan Marantika, Vice Chairman for Global Engagement, APTISI


Boosting the Digital Economy
(speakers to be confirmed)
Dato’ Seri Ivan Teh, CEO FUSIONEX
Erik Koenen, Partner, Deloitte Consulting, South East Asia
Rosan Roeslani, Chairman of Indonesia Chamber of Trade and Industry (Kadin);
Moderated by Eric Lee, Partner Cognito Communications.


EdTech: A New Frontier for Education
presented by Extramarks Indonesia,(speakers to be confirmed)
Dr. Ilham A Habibie, Chairman WANTIKNAS,
Adri Lazuardi, Head of Institution Penabur,
Fernando Uffie, Country Manager, PT Extramarks Indonesia,
Moderated by Florence Armein, Indonesia Content Coordinator, Earth Journalism Network


Steam Education: Creating New Jobs of the Future
              Presented by Kalebr Technologies Canada
Ananto Kusuma Seta, Senior Advisor Innovation & Competitiveness, Ministry of Education & Culture
Dr. Ilham A Habibie, Founder, Berkarya!Indonesia.
Jaspal Sidhu, CEO & Founder, SIS Group of Schools.
Sayed Hyder Ali, CEO Millennia 21 Century Academy.
Aaditya Tangri, Chief Executive Officer,  Kalebr Technologies Canada.
Moderated by Wan Nor Zaleha Radzi, Co-Founder CATEC


Powering Indonesia’s Future – The Renewable Energy Opportunity
Presented by APINDO, (speakers to be confirmed)
Hilmi Panigoro, President Director MEDCO,
Arsjad Rasjid, President Director, Indika Energy,
Emma Sri Martini, President Director, Sarana Multi Infrastruktur,
Hendra Tan, CEO Star Energy,
Rosar Mamara CEO, Sintesa Green Energy


Pricing & Booking Your Seat


Special Partner Ticket Price: Rp.1.200.000 per delegate 
(normal price Rp1.500.000)
Please register at

Meditation for Happiness


The dictionary defines well-being as the state of being healthy and happy. And happiness is defined as a state of emotional well being – a harmonious mixture pursued by an enjoyment in life.

Our newsletter has many such activities to offer this week:

– Indoindians Decoupage workshop with Komal Pamnani

– Yoga retreats and studios

– Jamu & aromatherapy

– Global wellness practices and more.

Send fruits and flowers via the Indoindians Giftshop to over 300 cities in India and to Jakarta.

Wishing you a positive and productive week ahead!

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Rujak is a traditional fruit and vegetable dish that can be found all over Indonesia. The word means mixture or eclectic mix in colloquial Malay. It is considered one of the most popular snacks in Indonesia, mainly due to its diverse flavors. The ingredients and flavor of each rujak will be different according to the preference of the area that it originated in. By eating rujak, you will be able to experience the overall culture, but they will also experience the history of cuisine in that particular dish.

Here are the 9 must-try rujak in Indonesia:

Rujak Juhi, Jakarta

Rujak Juhi is one of the popular dishes that originate from Jakarta itself. Juhi is thought to come from Hokkien language. This version of rujak is considered much different than other typical rujaks, because it closely resembles the gado-gado. Ingredients used to make this dish are yellow noodles, a mix of cucumber, vegetables and slices of potatoes. The peanut sauce used to douse it consists of ground peanuts, chilli, vinegar, sugar and onions. Juhi, the unique ingredient used in this dish is a type of squid that is fermented, cut widely, dried then grilled.  Other than that, you can choose between wet or the much more dryer variety. Emping crackers and fried peanuts are added on top to add to the flavor of the dish.

Rujak Kuah Pindang, Bali

Bali itself has a rujak that has become one of its signature dishes, called the Rujak Kuah Pindang. Pindang refers to fish that is salted, seasoned and smoked or boiled until dried. First, seaweed is boiled then mixed with seasoning which includes grounded chilli and terasi (shrimp paste). The fish is added to a mixture of slices of fresh fruit, unripe mangoes, pineapple, guava, and Mexican turnips. A variety of flavors starting from sour to spicy can be found in this dish. Finally, this dish is topped with fried soybeans.

It is said that the ideal time to eat this dish would be when it is hot outside, as this dish contains a variety of flavors from spicy, savory, a bit sweet while also being crunchy from the seaweed and soybeans.

Rujak Es Krim, Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta serves something different compared to the other places serving rujak. Instead of staying traditional with spicy sauce and fresh fruit, there is an addition of ice cream to the mix. All that is needed to prepare this dish is fresh fruit of your choice from unripe mangoes, papayas, pineapple, Mexican turnips, cucumber and some ice cream as the topping. Ingredients for rujak sauce is still the same as other areas, which is palm sugar, chili, tamarind, kencur and a bit of water. According to visitors, the sweetness of ice cream lends an especially fresh taste to the rujak. The spicy taste, combined with the coldness of the rujak also makes this dish particularly addictive.

Rujak Cingur, Surabaya

Visiting Surabaya will not be complete without tasting rujak cingur. In Javanese, cingur means mouth. This is because the main ingredient for this dish is the snout or mouth of the cow. Usually, the snout will be boiled and served with Mexican turnips, noodles, pineapple, mangoes, brussel sprouts, cucumber, kale, long beans and kedondong. Sliced to small pieces, the snout is said to have a soft and chewy texture. To top it off, the dish will be given a generous amount of savory peanut sauce mixed in with petis (shrimp paste) to enhance the overall flavor of the dish. This dish may also have ingredients like lontong, tofu and tempe.

Rujak Soto, Banyuwangi

Nasi Tempong is not the only dish in Banyuwangi that is well-known. Rujak soto is considered one of the dishes that visitors should try. This rujak dish is a combination of rujak cingur and soto babat.  It is made by crushing various boiled vegetables like kale, Brussel sprouts with groundnuts, brown sugar and petis. People can enjoy it served with soto and accompanied with rice or lontong. As the final touch, the dish will be given an adequate amount of savory and warm soto soup.

Rujak U Groeh, Aceh

This rujak dish is said to be very delicious to eat when the weather is hot. It is the specialty of Serambi Mekkah called Rujak U Groeh. Ingredients that are included in this dish are the meat of a young coconut, papaya, carrots and rumbia fruit. Not to forget are the chili, palm sugar, ice, salt, groundnut and orange juice. The sauce of this rujak dish is especially different as it uses mango juice, which is then mixed with brown sugar water, bread flour, lime juice and chili.

According to those who have tried it, the crunchy texture of the coconut mixed in with the sweet, sour and spiciness of the sauce creates a unique blend of flavors. Unfortunately, this rujak is only available at Aceh.

Rujak Bebek, Cirebon

Bebek comes from the Sundanese language that means grounded. Another word for rujak bebek is gobet. Ingredients used in this dish include unripe mangoes, pineapple, cassava, pomegranates, kedondong, papaya, starfruits, brown sugar, cayenne pepper, terasi and salt. All of these ingredients will be ground until smooth using a special equipment. Afterwards, the sauce will be poured over fresh fruit. Uniquely, vendors would serve this rujak on a banana leaf. The spoon would also be made of banana leaf, in order to maintain the aroma of the rujak itself.

Rujak Terasi, Lombok

Rujak terasi looks especially terrifying, as the soup is the intimidating shade of red. Originally made in Lombok, the ingredients are more or less the same with other rujak ingredients which includes fresh fruits that are thinly sliced. The most unique thing about this rujak is that it uses two sauces including brown sugar sauce and red soup, which mainly consists of cayenne peppers and terasi. Some people would even claim that rujak terasi is much spicier than other types of rujak.

Rujak is one of the dishes that is extremely popular in Indonesia. Not only do they contain a myriad of flavors, but they are also appropriate to eat during brunch, lunch or even during the evening as a snack. Moreover, each rujak would taste differently for different areas in Indonesia. Those who have a preference can make their rujak taste spicier, sour, savory or sweet. Whichever you choose, you get to enjoy the delicious Indonesian dish while also delighting yourself in your flavor.

Which rujak dish is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section down below!

BINUS UNIVERSITY Spearheading Quality Education in Indonesia

Established in 1996, BINUS UNIVERSITY is a premier private institution of higher education offering international standard courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate degree level. Today, BINUS educates 30,000 students across its ten campuses in greater Jakarta area, Bandung and Malang. BINUS UNIVERSITY is a part of the BINA NUSANTARA Foundation. Originally founded in 1974 as a provider of vocational training introducing modern informatics to Indonesia, the foundation today also runs international standard schools. BINUS is well known for ICT as its core pillar, global mindset pedagogy, and employability rates.


Synonymous with a modern approach to higher education in Indonesia, BINUS UNIVERSITY provides ICT focused learning experience. BINUS implements IT-based processes in the course curricula and at every level of internal operation. State-of-the-art campuses are well equipped supporting familiarisation with the latest technologies. The university’s learning management system unfolds online learning opportunities.


3+1 Enrichment Curriculum run by undergraduate programs mandates all students to experience 1 year of the real world through overseas study, internship, entrepreneurship, community development or research. This program is made possible in cooperation with 160 universities worldwide and over 5,000 companies. The result is that 2 in 3 BINUS graduates become entrepreneurs or are employed by global organisations shortly after completing their studies.


BINUS offers a range of programs in computer science, business, accounting, communication, international relations, engineering, fashion and graphics design. Its international campus in the city’s business district Senayan executes programs fully in English. Double degree options are possible with reputed universities in Asia, Australia, and Europe, such as ASO Group, SolBridge International School of Business, Queensland University of Technology, Cologne Business School and Northumbria University. Students can as well enjoy English programs with a study abroad option at the university’s green campus in Alam Sutera. These programs host some 500 foreign students annually.


BINUS lecturers and staff are dedicated to pedagogical breakthroughs and international quality assurance. Having graduated from leading Indonesian or foreign universities and carrying extensive industry experience, the lecturers illuminate theories with real life examples. CIDER, the university’s idea incubating community at Senayan campus, runs project hatchery course based on the design thinking method. The university works with quality assurance agencies to ensure continuous improvement. It is currently ranked by QS in the top 10 in Indonesia and top 2% in Asia with 4 stars institutional ranking. Majority of its programs hold the government’s “A” rank as well.


Globally-competitive human capital developed at BINUS is dedicated to diversity and fostering and empowering the society. The university houses its students from outside of Jakarta and Indonesia in its cozy dormitory. International Office’s intercultural celebration events keep BINUS diverse community throughout the year in a continuous dialogue. And by the time they graduate, the students have engaged in numerous community development programs that help sharpen the graduates’ vision of their personal contribution to the society during later career stages. Check out the story about the university as shared by Sreeya, BINUS INERNATIONAL Computer Science freshmen student from India here.

Planning to go complete vegan...still confused?

Wishing all brothers and sisters are very Happy Bhai Dooj today! The festival season has been really vibrant and fun.

Join the Annakut Mahaotsav in Jakarta on 10th Nov and 26th Annual Balaji Bramotsavam Nov 22-24 at Pluit temple, Jakarta.

Chinmaya Family Jakarta presents four days Insightful talks in English by Swami Mitrananda from 21-24 Nov

Veganism has come a long way: once reserved for peace-loving hippies, interest in a totally animal-free diet is at an all-time high, with celebrities leading the charge. But before you jump on the no-meat-eggs-or-dairy bandwagon, learn more with this edition of our weekly newsletter.

Warm regards,

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insightful talks by Swami Mitrananda

Chinmaya Family Jakarta presents four days Insightful talks in English by Swami Mitrananda from 21-24 Nov, Wednesday to Saturday, 7.30-9.00 pm at the Mangala Vinayak Temple . The topic is “Values are ever valuable” based on the Bhagavad Geeta chapter 12.
Swami Mitrananda is a dynamic disciple of Gurudev H H Swami Chinmayananda. He is an inspiring tutor, daring adventurer, vibrant speaker, creative writer, vigilant administrator & a mentor for many youngsters and adults across the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to enlighten yourself .


Kiddie Planet had a wonderful Diwali celebration. The school felt different that day due to colorful Diwali decorations spread around the school, along with items of prayer. Children were able to learn various things on from Indian culture, tradition and the Hindu religion as a whole in this day.

First, many of the students from the achievers class started to show various performances. The dances vary from welcoming dances to celebratory dances. Many of the children were enjoying themselves during the show as they danced to the background music, full of joy and smiles.

Not only were the other children able to enjoy the performance by their friends, but they were also learning more about Diwali on this day. From legends, stories, holy items to prayers chanted, many of these things were taught at the same time of the celebration.

Achievement students performing a dance routine.

Other than that, the school also has a talent show where students are able to show solo performances to the audience. This was truly entertaining, as there are various performances from show & tell, reading poems to singing Indian songs. Through this performance, students would be able to watch their friends perform and also learn more about Diwali at the same time.

A Kiddie Planet student showing a puja thaali.
A Kiddie Planet Student reading a poem about Diwali.

Even after the entertaining performances, there was more in store. The first closing event is every student singing the Indian national anthem. The second closing event is a sing along, in which every student of Kiddie Planet sings and dances Diwali songs with their teachers.

After the show has ended and the children ushered into the class, achievers would pray together with their teacher. It was truly a special moment when the kids were accompanied by Mrs. Rachel to pray with a puja thali. Apart from learning various interesting facts about the special occasion, they were also able to experience this awesome celebration with their friends.

This Diwali occasion is also special for teachers in Kiddie Planet as some celebrate it on this day.

Finally, Indoindians was fortunate to interview some kids on what they think about celebrating Diwali.


Style 7 Indowestern saree draping

This is the last style of our saree draping style challenge. This is a modern avatar of the saree drape and perfect for University students and young ladies with svelte figures. Drape the saree with your jeggings or tight jeans for the style with comfort. This contemporary style can be seen on fashion runways and a great choice for cocktail parties and even at weddings.

Saree draped over jeans for a cocktails party

This drape is an innovative adaptation of the traditional one and makes for a great fashion statement. It has become a global trend.

Your Challenge

We invite you to participate in our #7SareeStyleChallenge with Indoindians. Add your photograph or video or facebook live wearing the trendy indowestern style saree drape and post it on your facebook wall or the Indoindians Facebook with hashtags #indoindians #7SareeStyleChallenge #indoindiansSareeStory. Remember to tag @indoindians in your post 🙂 Invite your friends to participate too.

You Need

  • Printed or any contemporary saree
  • Complementing Jeggings or Leggings
  • A smart blouse
  • A smart Jacket
  • A pair of Stilettos
  • Few safety pins
  • And around 4 minutes

Easy Step by Step to Drape Indo Western Style Saree

  1. Take one end of the Saree, make 6-7 pleats and tuck it in the centre facing left.
  2. Tuck such that the remaining length of the Saree is to your left and emerges from the inner most pleat.
  3. Ensure the Saree length falls just an inch short of the floor.
  4. Tuck Saree towards left measuring your span width. You can even tuck the Saree half way around the back.
  5. Now, pick the other end of the Saree, make pallu pleats.
  6. Bring the pleats from around the back to the front and place it over the left shoulder.
  7. Leave the Saree loose so that it makes a deep U on the right side of the waist.
  8. Now, pin the pallu pleats neatly on the shoulder.

Tips & Tricks

  • Wear Jeggings/tight jeans or pants, instead of petticoat for this contemporary drape style.
  • Always wear your footwear beforehand to get the right length of Saree at the foot.
  • Secure pallu pleats with the help of clamps.
  • Be ready with basic make-up, to save on overall dressing time.
  • Keep trendy Jewelry for accessorizing.

If you have enjoyed these saree draping styles, do leave us a comment below…

Indoindians Exclusive Styling Workshop with Aditi Srivastava

Styling YOU is all about giving you the tools so that you can unlock and build a personal style that gives you complete confidence in all aspects of your life.

Style is about loving yourself truly, we don’t need to cover or change the way we are dressing to present the best that we all have in ourselves dress to honor ourselves

Style is an individual choice unique to how a person wants to present themselves and be perceived

Be your Gorgeous Self

Start your day with H2O and move to H2T

Reaching for a glass of water first thing in the morning rehydrates the body and aids in digestion and metabolism.

H2O – Replace O with T – H2T

Style yourself from Head to Toe.

Difference in Style and Fashion

Fashion fades, style is eternal. Whereas fashion is an art that is notoriously difficult to keep up with because trends change seasonally, style is impacted by much longer-lasting factors. Style is affected by religion, politics, culture and subculture, weather, body type, profession, upbringing, I could go on and on and on.


Think about fashion vs. style in comparison to food consumption. You eat every day; you wear clothes every day. There are some days and some occasions when you put more thought to your outfit and meal than you do others. There are some people, cloyingly called “foodies” and “fashionistas” for whom eating and wearing are a special hobby.

Know Your Body Type and focus on highlighting the one thing on which you are more confident

Knowing your body type is the basic thing to know about yourself. Everything works around this, so this is  one of the biggest fashion tips or advise that anyone can give you.

Body Types and Style

You walk towards a store ogling at the dress near the window pane (If it’s me I’ll probably bang my head on the glass door, Ouch!) and walk towards it. In your head, you already have a rough plan about where to wear it, how to style it and everything else possible. All of this in the thirty-second walk into the store (for all you know I’m already for the month). Thinking you know how to dress for your body type, you strut into the trial room with chin up and chest high! Everything comes crashing down because the dress looks awful. That sums up most shopping experiences. Why? Because, it’s not for your body type, simple.

Know Your Best Feature – And Show It Off, Always

Be it your curves, booty, legs or an hourglass figure. All your outfits should work towards enhancing your best features, without being in your face (more like other people’s faces).

A Little Black Dress

Who says you cannot rock the little black dress? And, who says it is not age-appropriate? Tweak the style a little, but rock that black dress anyway.

A little black dress is a wardrobe staple every woman should own. It’s a blank canvas to show off your personal style. Whether you prefer to keep it simple or jazz it up with accessories.

  • It does not always mean that hemlines have to be either too short to be stylish or too long to be appropriate. A little below the knee is perfect.
  • Do not shy away from bold colors, balance them out.
  • Wear well-fitting jeans and trousers as opposed to loose, sloppy ones.
  • Avoid loose jeans with loose tops, let one of them be well fitted.
  • Pick dresses that drape around you over the clingy ones.
  • Choose cardigans instead of over sized tops.
  • Never underestimate the power of shape wear and right lingerie.
  • Go with patterns and prints that complement your body shape.
  • Accessories are and always will be a game changer.

Invest In Good Lingerie

Sometimes it is nice to indulge and treat yourself to good lingerie.

 Own Classics – Trench, Leather, Denim Jackets

Classics like these are timeless, and every girl needs them in her closet. They come in handy all through the year in one way or another.

Scarves – Come A Long Way In All Seasons

Woolen, silk, satin, linen, blanket, etc. – you need it all. Some work wonders in winters, while some are for summer and the others are perfect for fall fashion.

Know The Difference Between A Day And A Night Dress

A sequined dress is for a night party, a floral one is for the day, and anything in between is for the evening – tread cautiously.

Denim – Find Your Fit And Save It For Life

High-rise, low-rise, boot cut, boyfriend, baggy, etc. Knowing what suits your body type and size is life-saving. These are everyday essentials, and you can’t go wrong with them.

Understand The Color Wheel

It might seem a little unnecessary, but you will be more than glad you looked this up because it’s a game changer and gives you a new perspective when matching up colors. Remember, there cannot be more than three colors in your outfit at one time.

When In Doubt, Layer

Layer your outfit to camouflage any unflattering flab, add definition to amp up your look.

When Wearing White, Choose Proper Inner wear

If you can carry whites, nothing like it. Also, choose seamless panties and perfect bras.

Between Horizontal And Vertical Stripes – Always Choose Vertical

Petite women – vertical stripes make you look taller; plus sized women, these create an illusion and make you look slimmer. It’s always the better choice out of the two, but suit yourself.


I love trends. But I only love those that suit YOU. I feel it is most important to wear clothes that suit you as a person. So get to know yourself and the message you want to give with your clothes, then see which trend can complement you with that.

You may want to develop a signature style. Perhaps you already know it or you are still evolving and growing into it. Or perhaps you will never develop a true signature style, because you like variety. But it can certainly be powerful to have items that are just so YOU. You might want to make a list of things that are definitely NOT you and a list of some that you ALWAYS want to include. If you keep buying things from your definitely YOU list, you may develop your true signature style almost automatically. For example, I have decided to focus even more on asymmetry as that is so truly ME.

Classic is Always In

Building a wardrobe with a strong collection of classic pieces is a surefire way to always look stylish. No matter what the trends of the moment are, you can draw on staples that will never go out of style.

Bravery is style & style evolution

And here is the icing on the cake. You will want to add that little bit extra. That something special. It would be the best if that something special had something to do with your signature style or the YOU part of your dressing. That extra something can make you look fantastic.

Experimenting with every trend was for you 20s, starting to get to know yourself for your 30s and hopefully by 40 you know your style. But many women over 40 can get into a style rut. If that is the case for you or even if you have a clear style, it is always great to evolve,  which is to try new things and get better. To find out which clothes work with your newly changed body (through menopause and the like) and to embrace new colors.

So let’s take this last point to heart and be a bit braver with our style. Even though you may like to keep your looks elegant and simplistic, add a little twist. Wear that exuberant statement necklace with it or the crazy shoes!

Style Do’s

  • Be yourself
  • Go natural
  • Be confident
  • Be happy

Style Don’ts

  • Don’t just follow trends/ people
  • Don’t over do – accessory / make up/ clothing

Last but not the least – Confidence is the sexist thing

Nothing, nothing works as confidence does. And, unfortunately, there’s no workaround to this one. Be you, be beautiful.

All said and done, there are no hard and fast rules for fashion, only guidelines, tips, and expert advice. If you think something works for you, go ahead by all means.


Aditi Srivastava Diet & Style Consultant for Indoindians.comby Aditi Srivastava