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Common Misconceptions about Life in Indonesia

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Many foreigners come to Indonesia from year to year, some only visiting for holidays, while others who choose to live and work in Indonesia. However,...
Everyday Uses of Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is known as a versatile gift from Mother Nature. It can be used for cooking and even for curing health problems. Moreover,...
Yadavas Senayan CC Beat WISCI Wanderers on a Rain Marred Weekend

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The game between last season’s toppers, Yadavas Senayan CC & WISCI Wanderers had all the makings of a marquee clash and the presence of...

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Early this month, I got a call from Mumbai. It was from one of my student’s mom. She was sounding super excited and wanted...
Batik Classes and Courses in Jakarta

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Batik is a traditional art form in Indonesia, and the word batik is thought to be derived from the word 'ambatik' which translated means 'a...
Grand Gala South Indian Musical Program By Celebrity Singer Mano & Group - On Saturday, 12th November, 2016

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A Grand Gala South Indian Musical Program Jointly presented by the South Indian Associations of Jakarta, very first time in Indonesia.  By Celebrity Playback...

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COLONIAL The idea of a romantic date enjoying the serene and stunning sunset of Jakarta is so appealing! You don’t have to wait for this,...
Avakash Lohia, President of Jakarta Cricket Association

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For Indonesian, cricket is still a new sport and has been gaining more and more enthusiasts across the nation. Many of the efforts to develop and...
The D.I.S.C Model Behaviour

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Behavior Category 1 Active and Decisive (D) "She was always active, even as a baby she couldn't sit' still" Behavior Category 2 Talkative and Animated (I) "He's...

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Do not step back when read the title of this wonderful place for you to visit. It is time to try something different for...
Is It Possible To Overdose On Vitamins?

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Yes. Because vitamins occur naturally in our food, we think they can't hurt us when we take them as pills. But we can see...

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Depression can seize hold as a result of a serious illness or loss, but it can also appear without any apparent cause. It's a...


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